Friday Favorites: Back at It Edition & Book Club

Friday, January 6, 2017

Back at it again with one of my favorites, Friday Favorites with Andrea, Erika, & Narci.  

This week can affectionately be called the back at it week.  LOTS of things happening behind the scenes, on the blog, in life, over at Magnolia Jacks, our store, back to school, back to dance, and today Anna Claire starts volleyball back up.  

Monday and Tuesday we soaked up our last days at home.  We slept in, we snuggled and watched movies on the couch, and we did get things ready for back to school (hellllooooo, stinky lunch boxes and back packs that were hung up weeks ago without emptying).  


Ava had a few hours of rehearsal between Monday and Tuesday and then Tuesday morning we grabbed the early movie with a friend. 💓  

Y'all SING is quite possibly the sweetest movie I've seen in some time.  So, so cute.  Maybe because I love music so much, I don't know, but it was definitely one of the best I've seen in awhile.

School started Wednesday and the girls were so excited.

Or not really, but they at least acted like they were when we pulled up to drop AC off.

I mean look at that eye contact and smile from Alli?!  She WAS excited!

Yesterday morning, phones and ipads started receiving texts and calls at 5:30.  That's never a good sign so I got up and read:

{School is closed due to inclement weather}

 Say what??!!!

I am hear to tell y'all, there is just about nothing better than an unexpected #snowday ⛄ That just about made my life.  Not really, but it made my day.  

When the big girls woke up they were excited to jump in our bed for a little Netflix binge.  Because you know....#trainupachild

So in all seriousness, this was our snow.  🙈  

This doesn't usually merit a snow day in these parts, but I believe it was expected to be north of us so roads weren't prepared.  It's very curvy and hilly in our town (the Ozarks) and there was a set of unfortunate circumstances last year (buses getting stranded until 9 pm because they called it too late) So I don't think they will be messing around with a snow day anytime soon.

And I'm so ok with that.  Until we have 19 snow days and go to school in June.

The girls were out the door to play and bounced back and forth between our house and the neighbors all day.  We had kids coming in the front door and going out the back door and it's times like this I love being in a neighborhood.  Just when I think I want to be stranded on acreage, we have snow days.  A neighborhood full of kids is always a favorite.

My snow day mom chores is to keep the hot chocolate coming.  Love this sweet mug AC made at a friend's birthday party last year.

That about sums up our week and favorites.  Anna Claire is back to volleyball today.  Ava is back to dance and sadly we're back to school.  But thank goodness it's Friday!  I don't think we have a single thing planned this weekend (besides dance rehearsals) and I'm very ok with that.

And last but not least.... A book club announcement.  If you missed it, you can see the original post here

 I've had it on my heart for awhile, but I have opened a book club for Special Needs Moms.  It is still very much in the works and we're starting so small as we add people and work through the kinks of doing this online. I've only ever done a book club in person so this is all so new, but something I really want to get started.  One of my personal goals for in 2017 is self care and that includes working through some of the mess in my head and heart that have evolved from parenting a child with special needs.

Most of our books will be Christian based, not all.  I have already found several I am interested in the group reading through together.  I'm excited for the growth that will come for myself and these women as we read through these books together.  These trenches are tough and deep and I don't think there is anything better than community {for parenting in general}, but especially when you are parenting out of the ordinary.

If you know of anyone who might be blessed by participating, we have not started yet and probably won't start for a few more weeks.  You can message me for more details at

Happy, Happy Friday!


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  1. The photo after "in all seriousness, this was our snow"!!!! :)) Not exactly the snowman-building, snowangel-making type snow, but it was still a cozy day at home drinking hot chocolate, so yay for that!! I think I recognize that mug! :)


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