Friday Favorites: 6 years old

Friday, January 20, 2017

It's Fri-yay and I'm back at it again with one of my favorites, Friday Favorites with Andrea, Erika, & Narci

At the top of my list is this girl...

My favorite 6 year old, Alli G!

To not even be promised minutes with her and to have the last 6 years is such an incredible gift.  They have been the hardest years of my life, but the precious gift of life, time, and that laugh of hers trumps any bad days.

We woke her up and threw on a boa and tiara!  She may not speak, but she LOVES to be girly.  She woke up, she had a great day at school, and then we celebrated together and with John's parents and brother last night.  She still doesn't like cake, but she had a great time touching it and wiping the red icing allllllll over her {that will be fun to get out}.


We're so, so thankful for time.  6 years, y'all.  I wasn't able to see her the day she was born so on this very morning, 6 years ago today I was wheeled behind the scary doors of a NICU to find the smallest baby in the entire unit.  She weighed just over 14 ounces.  All she knows is to fight.  Fighting for life and fighting to do things that come so easy for others.  She continues to fight so hard today!  But oh how she loves.  And laughs.  And gives the best hugs.
I'm proud to be her Mama.

In other Friday fun, I was looking for Ava a tank to wear for an upcoming dance convention and found this.  

I think I need this in multiple colors and on a coffee cup.  This about sums me up.

I caught my Bigs reading chicka chicka boom boom to the little last night before bed.  Gosh, I love this.  So my favorite.

All the pacifiers are gone and I wrote this post on Wednesday.  It's one of my favorites I've written written in a long, long time.

This weekend we have dance and more dance, volleyball, and a few birthday parties to attend!  I hope there is time in there for a nap, but it's not looking too promising.  Regardless, weekends are my absolute favorite (can I get an Amen?!).  

I hope your weekend is the best!


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  1. Happy Friday and Happy Birthday week to your beautiful 6 year old! What a sweet occasion! Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead! - Brenda //


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