Being Intentional, 2017 Goals, & Book Club

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I had plans on beginning a Christmas recap, but my youngest, Alli, sent my phone swimming and along with it videos and pictures from the last 3 wks and 2016. 😒  I'm trying not to be bitter.  She's super cute.  If you know me in real life you know I LOVE pictures.  I caught my handyman of a husband taking my phone apart yesterday.  Bless him.  He is doing everything in the world to save those pictures and videos. 

Back your stuff up people, I can't say it enough.  And if you have been trying to call or text, now you know I am not ignoring you. 😉

So the next best thing to a Christmas recap must be goals for 2017, am I right?!  {I prefer goals instead of resolutions}.  Goals sound so much more feasible and realistic to me.

I love Ellen Stumbo.  She is a special needs mom and a writer that I have followed for several years.  She's passionate about Jesus, the church, special needs families, and combining the three. She has this great graphic and post titled New Year's Resolutions for Special Needs Moms.

  If you haven't read her post, go there now.  It will have far more wisdom than I can provide here. 😝

Long before 2017 started, like way back in 2016 before I even had read Ellen's post, I knew 2017 was going to be the year of me.  Call me vain, call be self-centered, call me whatever you want, but it has to be me this year.  And I couldn't dare start in the middle of 2016 because I'm no quitter so I waited patiently until the new year rang.

I've taken care of everyone else, but me. 

  And here's what has suffered these last few years because of that....

My health and wellness.  And with that, unintentionally my family because they weren't receiving the best me.

I've burned my candle at both ends for too long trying to be the best special needs mom and the best mom to 2 typical kids when let's just face can't be both at the same time. You're going to have to stink at one or the other at any given time.

And that's not always a special needs mom problem.  That's your run of the mill, typical, everyday mom problem for a lot of us.  We ALL burn our candles at both ends.  The special needs mom part just adds an extra set of variables.  

I kept hearing intentional over the last few days and it hit me, that's my word for 2017.  And a word I hope speaks to one of you. 

I'm going to start off by intentionally taking care of myself this year.  Heck, I've already joined the gym (I haven't been, but I've joined)!  That has to at least count for something.  Now I know Ellen is a very wise women and I know she says, "you don't need to lose weight and go to the gym or take up a new hobby to better yourself...."

But friends, you just might.

It's called self care and when your needs are being met, it's much easier for you to meet the needs of others who need you.  When you feel good physically, it's much easier to care for those who need you most.

I can't continue to meet the needs of my family if I don't take care of myself.  Plain and simple.  

   So my goals for 2017 are as follows:

1) Intentionally take care of myself
2) Intentionally date my spouse, something we truly haven't done in years 
3) Intentionally seek respite.  Mom's we can't continue taking care of everyone else if we don't have a break
4) Intentionally spend one on one time with my girls.
5) Be intentional and present in all relationships/friendships
6) Build those businesses (this may go into 2018 since we have some big plans), but be intentional in those plans. 
7)  Learn to say NO.

Being intentional is probably the best gift I can give myself and those I love the most in 2017. 

And all of those goals are something totally feasible.  Realistic.  

 Another goal for 2017 is starting a book club for special needs Moms.  I want to be intentional (there's that word again) in my planning and activating of this group, but am putting this out there to see what the interest looks like.  If you are interested, comment below or message me to be added to the private group for updates.  And just to give you a taste, I already have compiled a list of 20+ books pertaining to special needs parenting, these are just a sample of what I hope to read with some of you!

Happy Tuesday, y'all!



  1. I just can't get to the gym consistently so last year I started doing 20 minute videos at home (while Addie zoned on the iPad.. no shame in my game).. I did it for a solid 3 months before I got derailed b/c, life, but now I see pictures from those 3 months & I look happier. Not even more fit, etc.. but happier. And I had more energy & felt better. People actually noticed! So I'm diving back in this year! That's all to say, I'm cheering you on, mama! Do it for YOU & it will help the anxiety, sleep & help clear your mind. Even if it's not what working out looked like before our girls, every little bit you can do for yourself will be worth it.

    1. Oh, I won't be consistent, but I'm going to consistently be intentional in being inconsistent. lol! I'm going to start with 2 mornings a week and go from there. I'd love to be lighter ;-) but I'm more about feeling better right now. And energy.! What videos do you use?


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