Summer Days Volume #3 - Florida edition

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The end of Kamp allowed us to rest up for a week before heading out for our annual family beach vacation.  We go every summer with my parents and my brother and his kiddos.  The have promised that they will carry on the tradition.  Life gets so crazy busy and we rarely see each other except during this trip and at Christmas.  I love being able to reconnect and watch all the kids grow their cousinship through the years.  

I don't like the idea of a cruise, I'm not a snow skier, I just want a beach.   My toes in the sand, a cold drink in my hand, surrounded by people I love....that's my happiest place.  I don't like agendas, especially when I am on vacation.  Our entire life is one big agenda, so when we go to the beach, we go to the beach.

Picking up Morgan in Memphis and headed out!

Traditional Florida line picture 🌴

We now always stay on 30A, but we still have to run to Destin for some good ol' school eats.

Her happy place too! 🌊

Our first Sunday funday on the beach.  I'll never forget this day.  Partly because I almost died, but mostly because the laughs were non-stop.  If you have never experienced flying umbrellas, I urge you to not.  I'm confident had this experience been recorded it would have looked a lot like this with the addition of me saving the lifeguards life.  

True story.

Waiting out the rain.

Gigi and Morgan hiding from the rain. 😝

We stuck it out and it was not in vain.  This girl is a beach bum, like her Mama!

Celebrating 47 years!

Date night with the grands for our 30A favorite, Pizza by the Sea.

My parents and the girls and I went down for 2 wks.  Jason and Ty were not able to join us until the second week.  We were sure glad to see them when they arrived.

She's seriously the best with her.  The best.  #bestillmyheart

Taking down palm trees.

Night out in the town music and good times!

Back in to Destin for a day out on the water with Cousin Mark!

Ty, Mark, Daddy, Jason, & Mike (Mark & Mike are my Dad's nephews)

We love cooking together! 

One of my favorite trips to 30A on record.  I love these people and our time together!  Already planning next year!



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