Summer Days Volume #1

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

So apparently it's December 27th, which means we've been through summer.  And fall.  And now Christmas.  And I feel like we COMPLETELY missed it.  This little space of mine has been super quiet, but that was a good thing.  That means we were busy making memories or busy making something and soaking up everything these sweet days had to offer.  I am hoping the new year allows for more writing and sharing, but at this season in my life, your guess is as good as mine.  ;-) 

In an effort to play catch up before the end of the year, I'm going to be break up a few posts, beginning with our summer.  

We left off around the middle of June (the end of dance season kicks me in the rear).  We had just finished Nationals and had made our trip to the Berry patch.  Those two events, mainly dance shenanigans, pretty much take up our first two weeks of June.  AC's dance made it to the shoot out, but lost in the end.  Regardless, it was an incredible experience for her.   As I'm writing this, we've already started another season.  Which is super crazy to me.  Another sign summer and fall went by entirely too fast. Bless it.

After dance was over we could OFFICIALLY begin our summer vacation!  John and I celebrated 12 years!  12 years, y'all.  It's been down right ugly at times, but it has been down right awesome too.  I'm thankful he puts up with my crazy and I can tolerate his.  We make a great team.

His birthday and Father's Day fell on the same day so we celebrated with the girls and his family.  

I'm not sure when this was, but it was one Sunday in June.  And I just love it.

Seeing Finding Dory with Friends

The second to last AND last week of June was a doozie.  I had started feeling bad on our anniversary so we stayed home and John grilled steaks.  By Wednesday, Mama was down.  My cold escalated pretty quickly to walking pneumonia.  I'm so thankful my Dad was able to break away and take care of the girls because I was in bed for close to a week running 103+, antibiotics, steroids, cough meds, and breathing treatments galore.  I'm pretty certain, I have NEVER been that sick in my entire life.  

Not to be outdone and just as I was getting better, Alli went down.  And when Alli goes down, she does it is style.  A couple of ambulance rides later, she was transferred from Branson to Springfield.  

Alli spent 4 days in the hospital for pneumonia, one of those days my 37th Birthday.  The big girls called me early that morning to sing (excuse my hospital hair)!

Once she was feeling a little better, the big girls were able to visit.

 Super cool sensory light the child life specialist hijacked for us for the week.  I don't know if Alli liked it as much as I did though.  ;-)

Anna Claire and Ava got some private swim coaching in while I was in the hospital with Alli. 

We finished the last day of June at home, resting and preparing for Anna Claire's first time at sleep away camp.  While we were packing she found my Young Miss Batesville dress in my closet.  1993 called and wants it's vintage Mike Benet back.  Bless it.

Oh!  And we were able to celebrate my birthday at our favorite little mexican restaurant.



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