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Monday, June 6, 2016

Happy Mondays of Summer!

This weekend went blazing by!  Friday started out with our neighborhood garage sale we have once a year.  My girls love working a good ol' garage sale and selling lemonade.

 Their favorite part was seeing all the people they knew.  Ava's bestie from school, AC's 2nd grade teacher, and Ava's Kindergarten teacher even made the rounds.  

When your Kindergarten teacher has her baby the day AFTER school gets out and you don't get to see him, your summer is made when she stops by and you get to hold him.  

Saturday and Sunday, the girls started their week long dance intensive.  We're so lucky to be able to have Master teachers so frequently.  Derrick Schrader and Keri Lagrand joined us this weekend all the way from LA and gave some incredible classes.  The girls still have intensive this week and then rehearsals for nationals before we can break for the summer!

Ava's age group didn't get to work with the master teachers, but you can tell by the bottom picture those baby star booties were still worked! 

Sunday, baby Daddy and I got to hang out just us and Alli!  I made his favorite summer salad (the first of many) and will be getting it up on the blog soon!

I worked on and added some new things to my etsy shop and can't wait to bring these in this week!

Bev2Go Stemless Wineglass with lid...score for the beach and tailgating!


Anna Claire is sick (again) so John took the girls and went to urgent care, while I cleaned up the house.  We've been thinking it's time for those tonsils to come out and I was certain we were looking at strep for the 10th time this year.  This time is was just a viral infection and they were home and in bed ready to watch Miss USA!  

Now I LOVE a good pageant and I can normally pick the winner, but I'll tell you, I didn't pick this one.  

Now I did love Miss Hawaii (and hello, how tall was she??!).  I wasn't a fan of Miss Georgia's gown, but holy cow, she was absolutely a classic beauty.  Miss DC was beautiful and very posed, but you could almost see the military coming out (which isn't a bad thing, at all).  I'm just not use to it.  

And I was kind of pulling for this beauty....Miss Arkansas USA,  you were absolutely stunning!

When Arkansas and Missouri were cut, Ava lost all interest and fell asleep.  I'm sure I'll be watching it again today.

Enjoy your Monday!



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  1. Love those glasses!! Now I have to check out your etsy shop! ;)


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