Stranded: Netflix Edition

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What a fun thing to write about AND what a fun thing to read about from others.  This will be my first time joining up with Shay and Erika for their Stranded series!!!

 Netflix binging is beginning to run in the family.  Just yesterday I caught my 9 year old watching all of America's Worst Cooks.  Now don't get all out of line with my parenting skills.  She has been a sick girl this week and nothing feels better than your favorite blanket, a big glass of your favorite drink, and Netflix.


 So on to my list....


Without a doubt, Grey's Anatomy.  I mean because for real, y'all.  They're my person.  All of them.  And if I am ever stranded on a desert island, chances are I will need a cardiothoracic surgeon surgeon and a neurosurgeon to walk me through something.  In all seriousness, I go to sleep watching Grey's pretty much every night.  I wasn't a fan of Shonda Rhimes a few months back, but she took a chance and I want to see it through.  I've watched it from the beginning AND I've binged watched it at least a dozen times over.  It's one of my favorites, probably tied with....


So, if I go to sleep with Grey's on, what do I watch when I wake up at 2 a.m. you ask??!! I have watched every Law & Order, not just SVU, since the beginning of time.  I was actually a Criminology major for my first two years of college, but the thought of law school scared me so I majored in education.  I live vicariously through every DA and ADA (that's assistant DA if you don't know the lingo) and I of course just love Olivia Benson.


Parenthood is another of my very favorites.  And it's so very dear to my heart since my Alli girl has Autism and Cerebral Palsy.  Her issues are a little more severe, but I love how Hollywood is slowly bringing in to light the struggles of parents who raise kiddos with special needs.  I do secretly wish Max was a little more severe so the world could truly grasp what it looks and feels like.  But Kudos to you for taking that HUGE step and I am a sold out fan of AND honorary Team Braverman member foreva!

Three more of my favorites for good measure....

Fixer Upper has me driving around town always with my eye open for that perfect dump I could call these two in to help me with.

We LOVE Fuller House! 

And of course, I can't leave out the Gilmore Girls!

 That was fun!  I look forward to reading what everyone else is sharing!

Hope your Wednesday is the best!


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  1. Fixer Upper love here! :) my husband and I love them, & we often get caught up in a marathon!

  2. Grey's Anatomy was on my list too! Such a fantastic show!

  3. Love this list! I love all of these shows, but SVU may be too serious for my tropical island! Parenthood and GG made my list! Love this link-up!

  4. Great list! I need to get one the Parenthood watchin' train... I somehow missed it all these years!

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