Friday Favorites - Summer Days

Friday, June 3, 2016

Happy Friday!

I'm linking up as usual with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to bring you my Friday Favorites!!

Today is short and sweet, but there is nothing much sweeter than summer days.  Dirty, sweaty kids from playing all day, popsicles, catching lightening bugs (although they are a joke where we live now....East Tennessee is the hub for REAL lightening bugs), star gazing, water games.  We've done it all in just a short week.  We're knocking things off our summer bucket list left and right and just enjoying being free!  But my favorite part is that it's only the beginning.

 I may not be saying this towards the end of the summer,
but grocery shopping this week was a huge treat with all my sidekicks. And leave it to Ava to get stuck in the cart and require jaws of life to get out.  :)

I could sit and look at all my kids forever and still pinch myself that they are here and they are mine. This kid has been such a lil' mama this week. 

Dancing in the rain is definitely a favorite!  

And the welcoming back of the ice cream truck!  Oh, the squeals when they hear his crazy music!

Welcome to summer, y'all!  Hope your weekend is the best!


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