Weekend Wrap-Up: Dance Recital 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Shows over! 

What a fun, but exhausting weekend full of nothing else but dance.  We started off Friday with all day dress rehearsals.  My parents got here Friday night (yay for Papaw and Gigi) and Saturday morning we were back at the theater early for more dress rehearsals.  The first show started at 1 with another at 5 and yet another on Sunday at 4:30.  My girls were in 21 #'s between the two of them and this Mama is still feeling it today!  

All 3 shows were different, but all 3 opened with the full team production of Mickey Mouse.  This is one of their competition pieces and it ranges in age from Kindergarten (Ava is one of two girls in K) to a Senior in High School.  That's a lot of kids on one stage and it's hard to keep up with where mine are.  ;-)


Musical Theater

Anna Claire's Tumbling

Anna Claire's Ballet

Hip Hop

Musical Theater...look at my girl sing!

Cheese Please

Hiphop-Potamus: Ava's Baby Stars

"Lost Boys" : Contemporary

Ava's Tumbling

"Pose" : Ava's Jazz 

Proud of the growth in these two this year! 
Gigi and Papaw

Papa and Nini

 Such a great weekend watching my littles do what they love!  They get a few days off before dance intensive and then nationals.  No rest for the weary!  

Ava missed #rednoseday but made up for it one night this weekend.  Sunday morning we missed church and slept in before we had to head out for more rehearsals and the Sunday afternoon show.  Ava was SO excited to share with Gigi what all she had learned in piano this spring.  And she played it ALL from memory which was a huge score in my book!  

Memorial Day I smoked a big brisket while John was working and we spent much of the day outside.  The ice cream truck made his first visit of the summer and the girls did an "eat it or wear it challenge" with the neighbors.  If you want a sure fire way to keep the kids (and all the neighborhood kids) from running in and out raiding your pantry all summer, just have them add a can of sardines to the challenge.  Appetites were lost until dinner. 

You're welcome.

We can officially welcome sweet summertime!!

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  1. What a busy but fun weekend for y'all! The girls look adorable in all their costumes--so cute!!


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