Tulsa Dance Shenanigans

Monday, May 2, 2016

Last weekend Anna Claire and Ava had a dance competition in Tulsa.  Let me just say these weekends are NUTS.  There is nothing but running the entire time you're there and my body still aches from the aerobics it takes to be a dance mom (ha!) But, I so very much love this time I get to spend with my big girls.  And I love watching them love what they do.

Papaw came to visit!
We skipped school Friday and headed out for Oklahoma.  Papaw came in from Arkansas to watch Alli for us (his first right of passage as a new retiree).  We stopped off in Chouteau, Oklahoma and met up with my friend's friend from college (are you following me) at the Amish Cheese House.


I'm not sure when one would actually make it to Chouteau, unless you're from around there, but people listen.  Make a special effort to go.  I could have stayed in that place for hours.  In fact, I think we did.  And we left with 4 cheese balls and enough candy and snacks to feed an army.  

These were a favorite....teeny tiny ice cream cones.

 And I could have stayed in this spot right here for forever.  I'm a sucker for cookie cutters.

We made it to our hotel, checked in, and then headed out for dinner at The Cheese Cake Factory and some shopping.

Practicing her moves while we wait for dinner. #alwaysdancing


 We got back to the hotel in time for swimming and found a Mama friend who just so happened to have an extra twin air mattress!!  Because this Mama didn't take into consideration I had two kids and myself in a double bed.  Ummmm. No.

Ava was SO excited to camp on the floor!

Saturday we were able to sleep in a little and then headed out to Utica Sqaure for some shopping and lunch before it was time to compete. 

Sunday morning was early.  We were over to the convention center (in hair and makeup) by 7:00 and ready to compete 4 numbers.

My girls love some Mrs. Tonya!

Baby Stars-Hip Hop

What a great weekend!  Lots of awards and memories for the books.

Hope your weekend was the best!

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