Thankful Heart-Mother's Day

Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday, Friday!  It's Friday Favorites!

It's Mother's Day Weekend and I am oh, so thankful for my favorite job, being their Mama!

I love these little people of mine.  I never really knew how much I wanted to be a Mama until that first baby girl was placed in my arms.  These girls and their Daddy have made my life. 
Anna Claire - My #1, my first!  She's such a lil' Mama.  She's strong, determined, and fierce. She's a typical first child, but even stronger.  She's kind.  She's loving.  She's my talker.  She is loud.  She laughs, oh I love to hear her laugh.  She's sensitive.  She's a leader.  And she has a memory like no other.  Anna Claire loves to read, write, dance, and sing.  In that order.  I can't wait to see what she does in life (but please so this train down).

Ava Liz - She's extremely sensitive and shy, but once she's comfortable, Katie bar the door.  She has only one speed and one volume.....Fast and Loud!!  She is our "Drama Queen," crying or laughing at the drop of a hat!  She's a "More, More, More" and "Again, Again, Again" kind of girl!  She's SO expressive!  She adores her big sister!!  She adores her little sister.  She says she has the best job as the middle sister.  Ava LOVES life and can't get enough of anything and everything she does!!  She's pure joy! 

Alli Grace -Alli has the best laugh.  She is a fighter...probably the strongest person I've ever been in contact with.  There's no reason why she should be so happy having been through so much and still going through so much, but she smiles right through most tests, pricks, prods, and pokes!!  She has a GREAT purpose in this life and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to witness her miracle! 

And this woman snuggled on the couch with my littlest A is MY Mama.  She's pretty great too!  She is strong, determined, and exactly who she wants to be.  I love her for that.  Happy Mother's Day, Mama! 

I'm so, so thankful for this crew!  I hope your weekend is wonderful and full of love and time with your kids and/or the favorite Mom's in your life.

And you've probably already seen this by now, but I can not NOT post it since it's Mother's Day weekend.  If you're anything like me, you've seen it floating across your feed and have watched 2.5 seconds before you had to move on.  I.mean.  I couldn't breathe, y'all.  Absolute sweetness.   I have tried to watch this 10 times, but can't seem to make it through. I tell my girls all.the.time to ‪#‎slowthistraindown‬ 

Much love,


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  1. I had not seen that video...Sitting here crying now! Gosh it goes fast. Sweet sweet post about your girls! Have a wonderful weekend!


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