Kindergarten graduation and end of year celebration!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

It is finished!  Anna Claire is done with 3rd grade, Ava has graduated kindergarten, and Alli is done with pre-school!  It was honestly such a sweet, sweet year for all my girls.  Lots of growth, new friends, new inchstones for Alli, and just an all around pretty darn good year. 

 Tuesday was celebration day at the bigs school.  We kicked off the day with Ava's kindergarten graduation.  Ava's first official year in school was pretty much picture perfect.  Ava was thrilled to get Mrs. H for kindergarten and she certainly did an incredible job as her teacher.  I could not be more thankful for the year she has had.

A little doughnut challenge versus the principal prior to Graduation!

Cue to pomp and circumstance.....and the tears!

I love you, Ava Lizzie!

Third grade had their end of year celebration later in the day.  Anna Claire had a great year!  We had some struggles in Math (thank you, Common Core), but she ended the year on a very high note!  I'm so proud of everything she has learned and accomplished this year, but I'm most proud of the kindness award given by her teacher.  So, so proud of your heart kiddo! 

I love you, Anna Claire bear!

 Video of Ava's kindergarten graduation!

 And Anna Claire during her 3rd grade celebration!

Yesterday was the official last day of school!  I walked these two to the building together for the last time.  AC probably won't be letting me walk her in to school next year.  This will be the last time they are in the same building together until high school.  I couldn't help but hit the car and have a good ol' fashioned ugly cry.

It was a half day so after pickup we celebrated with friends over some Mexican food.  Swimming didn't make the agenda because it was too cold (57 degrees).  eeek!  

Alli was throwing balloons all over the car and loving it!

It's amazing the difference a year will make!  
Hello summer!!

First and last day of 3rd Grade!

First and last day of Kindergarten!

First and last day of preschool!

Happy summer! 

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