Friday Favorites: End of Year Traditions

Friday, May 13, 2016

It's once again Friday!  This week simply flew by!  I'm linking up again for Friday favorites.  Make sure to check out some favorites!

Today, I'm sharing some of our favorite end of year traditions.  Some have already happened and some are just days away.  I simply can not believe this is the last full week and the last Friday of school.  It has been such a sweet year for all 3 of my girls!  

Before our favorite end of year traditions, here are a few of my favorites from this week.

Last weekend we had dance pictures and then a few days later, this shows up.  ohhh. emmm. geeeee. #framer  I'm sure I'll love them all, but it's hard for this not to be my favorite.  Can't wait to see the rest!
During Bible study on Monday, I found Alli cat snuggled up with my sweet friend, Jamie.  Oh, so sweet!

Sports day, hat day, crazy sock day, super hero day...once upon a time I could keep up and had these ah-mazing outfits planned and prepared.  Now, I let them be who they want to be....and I'm alot less stressed. And I like watching their personalities come out.  All these busy days are favorites, for sure.  ;-)

#stankeye another favorite

If you have been around here any time at all, you know I'm a sucker for tradition.  The end of the school year is absolutely no different.  A few of our favorites include:

 Field Day!
Both girls have lots going on everyday this week and in the coming days.  The end of year celebration for Anna Claire will be next week AND of course we have Kindergarten graduation for Ava (insert tears)!  But my favorite year in year out activity...the one that signals the end of the school year and the beginning of summer has always been for me FIELD DAY!  Field Day is such a fun tradition at most schools and it is always a favorite of mine!  I do miss the all day field days we had growing up (and Anna Claire had in Tennessee), but we still had such a good time.  It was blazing hot and I kicked off my tan for the season, that's for sure!

I started off with Ava's Field Day!

These girls can pull some rope!

Back to back Field Day with Anna Claire and her class.  It was scorching by now on that asphalt, but we had a blast! :)

So my kid may have a spot in track and field.  Because she nailed  Right down the center.  Those boys javelin's were flying all over the place, but not AC's.  #proudfuturetrackmom

Such a fun, but hot day!

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

So, one of the reasons I blog is because it helps me remember the things I forget.  Like the fact I have not sent this book to the girls' teachers yet.  

When Anna Claire was in pre-school I started having her teachers sign.  Hopefully, I will remember to keep it going for all 3 girls!  Their teachers are asked to write a special note in the book and then when they graduate, they will be gifted this book with the sweet encouraging words from all their former teachers.  

This will be Anna Claire's 5th note from a teacher and I cry every time I open them to read.  It's truly so sweet!


Welcome to Summer! 

It has looked different every year, but I always pick the girls up with balloons AND then if we're coming right home (and let's be honest, if time allows), the front of the house might be decorated with a sign, balloons, and streamers.  :) 


Split Screen!

I'm always so amazed to see the growth in a single year.  #bestillmyheart AND #slowthistraindown

Anna Claire's first & last days of school through the years. :)

And Ava's first and last days of preschool 2013-2014 & 2014-2015 

Mexican Food, Ice Cream, & Swimming

Last year we strayed from our norm and hit up Silver Dollar City for the day eating funnel cakes and hot dogs.  Every other year, and our plan for this year, is Mexican food, ice cream, and swimming.  Pretty much in that order! 
Swimming on the last day of school circa 2014!

Snacks and Sandwich Bags
While this is not an end of school tradition, it is something I've used in our home and with lunches for years.  I've been using reusable (washable) bags in my girls lunches and for snacks since Anna Claire was in Mother's Day out way back when. Revelae Kids sent me these new snack bags in exchange for my honest review. 

And I'm a fan! I'll be ordering more! 

They have a zipper, instead of Velcro like our old ones, and they wash well (which is a huge plus for me)! I'm not even remotely crunchy, but I like to do what I can and have always loved our sandwich/snack bags. Plus, they are super cute!

 While this really belongs on a back to school post, I couldn't pass up sharing them here.  Because these are not just perfect to use in lunches, they are great bags to use during the summer also (hello park, pool, theme park days).  Throw some snacks and sandwiches in here and go!

And last, but not least....

 Summer Bucket List!

Making our summer bucket list is a fun time!  It's always good comedy to hear some of the things they want to do during the summer like eating lots of cheese. We're not religious about our list, but we try to most things.  And we always leave room for new ideas.

Do you and your family have any end of year traditions?!  I'd love to hear them!

Hope your weekend is great! 


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  1. SO SO FUN!

    Loved snuggling next to Alli--made my day! I hope we can get together for some summer fun from this list, maybe even the cheese eating! :)

    1. Yes, let's make some plans for summer ASAP!!!

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