Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Yesterday I observed the special education kindergarten classroom Alli will be in next year.  Special needs parenting is a constant dance of emotions swaying back and forth between grief and joy.  Grief sets in as we hit another milestone of broken dreams or milestones that are different, but hope and joy sways over the grief because she's here and she's able and she's amazing just being who she is.  It's hard to eloquently describe that dance unless your shoes have been filled with the same.  

The observation period was meant to prepare me for our initial IEP meeting that will be held next week.  I believe I have wrapped my head around everything enough to know what Alli needs.  It still doesn't make the dance easier.   While the observation period answered questions, it still left me with so many unknowns.  When your kiddo doesn't fit the mold, even in a special needs classroom with so many different molds, it makes it all still a guessing game.  I'm certain it will take multiple approaches and months of trial and error to truly figure out what Kindergarten will look like for our girl.

I mean, y'all.  Those kids were reading.  They were speaking.  They were communicating.  At one point I had to turn around because it was all just too much.  

How could my sweet girl possibly fit in with this class?!  

But then her soon to be teacher came over and said,  
"you're coming in and observing during the last weeks of school.  What you are seeing is progress from an entire school year.  If you had come during the first few weeks of school, it would look like a completely different class."


Exactly what I should be observing.


Kindergarten doesn't look so scary now.



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