Friday Favorites: Makeup Drawer Edition

Friday, April 29, 2016

Hallelujah!  It's Friday!  This week has been long and extremely busy.  But then again, it is the end of the year and the end of the year has a tendency to do that to us Mama's.

I'm linking up again for Friday Favorites and sharing my makeup drawer, but first...

a few of my favorites from the week :)

Ok, so the next few aren't from the week, but I needed to get them shared so I can forever have them.  2 weeks back, I was doing training in the kids ministry at our church.  I was able to sneak a peak of this precious middle of mine helping lead worship. #bestillmyheart

And caught this big kid during small group breakout sessions.

Love watching them grown and walk out their faith.

So, I'm sure we all have an opinion on Common Core.  This is my oldest daughter's.  Y'all, the hubs and I were standing in the kitchen and I'm certain we weren't breathing from laughing so hard.  John is a liar.  So no.

We DID make her answer the problem correctly, but allowed her to leave this part.  I never heard from her teacher so I'm assuming she didn't find it very funny.  #ohwell

After 5 years of oxygen in our home, we are O2 free (well, almost).  We did keep one tank for good measure.  Not including Alli's seizure back in January, she has not needed O2 in over a year!  That's a great big fat miracle, y'all. 

Because I am the worst end of the school year Mom ever (sorry, Jen Hatmaker), I found this gem after clearing Ava's backpack out after ohhhhh, say, probably a month or so.  This Mama checked out LONG ago.  But, oh this is precious!
"My favorite kind of pie is blue berry. Because my Mom and Dad help me cook it."  I mean. #sweetness

We've had some ah-mazing weather, but it's still SO hard for me to grasp that it's spring.  And school ends in 12 days. And winter is over.  And there was no real snow.  I'm sad, but these days make it allllll better.  
And the promise of summer helps too!

Soaking up the sun!

Tis the season. We were under a Tornado Warning early the the other morning (hello, 2:00 a.m.)  One of my friends in TX who was experiencing weather also shared this and I thought it was perfect.  It also happened to be the ONE night my body wanted to sleep through the night, but couldn't.  #storyofmylife

While cleaning up the kitchen and getting everyone ready for bed, I realized I was missing two kids.  Walked by Alli's room and found her all tucked in and Anna Claire reading to her.  I feel like I'm screwing up on most days, but finding this made me realize we're doing something right.

 We had a super fun and full weekend in Tulsa last week!  Lots of girl time and lots of dancing.  I'm going to have to plant this grass like we found out front of the Cheesecake Factory because it makes for a mighty good picture.  And they are pretty cute too so that always helps.

Ready to compete!

So, I've had quite a few questions recently about how I always have on some amount of makeup and how can I get ready as fast as I do (which I think is hysterical, because if you know me in real life you know I do well to get out of my yoga pants).  But I do always have some amount of makeup on (even if my hair is in a sloppy bun or pony).  It's just the way I was raised, maybe?!  Both my grandmothers and my Mama always stressed the importance of using GOOD products. I just thought everyone else in the world does the same, but I'm learning that's not the case.  I don't practice self care in too many areas, but with PRODUCTS I do!  

I can usually have my face on in 5 minutes or less so putting on even a little bit just takes a minute or two.  I mean, on most days I'm running to schools, therapy, the grocery store, or dance so there is no real reason to do much more.  

Can I get an Amen?!

Here are my favorites in my makeup drawer arsenal (simple, basic, but incredible products) and what I believe contribute to me getting it all on within minutes:


1. primer // 2. eyeliner // 3. powder // 4. foundation // 5. blush/bronzer duo // 6. shadow // 7. mascara // 8. lipstick 

 If you have never tried Dior Airflash, DO.YOURSELF.A.FAVOR.  Try it.  It's the best, I promise.  It's very pricey, but worth every penny.  And, I'll let you in on a little secret since I've used it for years.  The Sephora brand is pretty darn good in comparison.  There is a distinct difference.  The Sephora label is more matte in comparison and doesn't have the same illuminating effects, but for everyday, I'm fine with using Sephora's brand (especially since it's about $50 cheaper...eeeek, yeah).  But if you are in need of a really good foundation, don't pass up on Dior.

I'm a sucker for skincare and have probably tried everything on the market ranging from $2 to $250.  These are my favorites, my must haves, and what I contribute to not looking like I'm on the down hill slope to 40 (ack!!  I can't believe I just admitted that).  

Along with good DNA of course. ;-)

I need fast and painless.  Regimes generally lose me if they have more than 3 or 4 steps.  With that said, I'm also allergic to everything and have had a very hard time finding products that I can use, that I love, and most importantly that WORK. 

Disclaimer:  I do sell the Luminesce line, but have been a proud user for well over a year.  That serum is my face crack!  Ha!  Good, good stuff.

 So, that was fun! 

This weekend we have Ava's last soccer game and that pretty much sums it all up.  We're so looking forward to relaxation, a few science projects (at the request of Anna Claire), and enjoying this weather.

Hope your weekend is the best!

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  1. Love this! I believe in using good products, too, but mostly have stuck with what I've always used because I just don't know what else actually works - these are almost all new to me, so I'm going to check a few out! Thanks for sharing!!


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