Easter Weekend

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I've taken a slight on again off again hiatus this Spring.  March and April have been NUTS, capital NUTS.  But I have some fun things coming up PLUS I need to get back to blogging about my babies.  I'm starting it back up with our Easter recap.  Such a sweet, sweet weekend.

Our Easter weekend was superb!   The weather was gorgeous (except for Sunday), we had lots going on, and a sweet Easter surprise visit from my parents.

Friday we were able to sleep in!  


Truth is that the girls and John slept in.  I was awake at 5 am.  


But I did get some things accomplished and we were able to hit the ground running when the girls woke up.  

Alli got in on the fun for her first experience at dying eggs!

Big sis is big help!

And she's funny.  #bestillmyheart

I have wanted to make a bunny cake the past few years, but my girls always said they just wanted cupcakes.  My Mom and Mimi use to make bunny cakes when we were growing up and it was always one of my favorites. 

I did the icing (because let's face it my OCD and control issues had to get in there somewhere.  The girls decorated the rest).  ;-)


Such a good job, girls!

 Friday night, these two went on a date with their Aunt Kellye and cousin Hannah to see Zootopia!  It's fun having family close.  Even though we rarely see anyone because we're always doing school, dance, & activities and they are always working.  ;-)

 Saturday morning was Ava's first soccer game of the season.  I'm pretty sure these girls ruled the field.  It's always so fun watching a field full of prissy and sassy girls who dance get down and get dirty playing soccer.  The morning could not have been more gorgeous, but we could always do without the wind.

Ava was SO excited her Daddy was able to come!  He didn't get to come to a single game last fall due to work.  She scored a major goal and showed off her hustle!

Getting that good stretch!

Sweetest crew of girls!

Right after Ava's goal!

Caught this as she ran over in celebration after her goal!

Daddy hugs. :)

She's just fun.  The End.

After soccer we ran a few errands and then headed back to the park for an Easter picnic and Egg Hunt with our church.  The girls had a blast playing with friends and hunting eggs.  Ava also found the golden egg!!

Alli was not exactly impressed with our request for her to pick up an egg and put it in the basket.  Throwing them was WAY way more fun!  She did appease me and placed 4 in the basket!  Pretty special day since this was her first official egg hunt outside of our home. #milestones

Winner winner chicken dinner!

You are my favorites!

I hope your Easter, the rest of March, and most of April have been good to you!  It feels good to be back!  

Have an incredible Tuesday!


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