Ava's Kindergarten Field Trip

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Last week I joined Ava and class at the Promised Land Zoo.  Field trips are kind of my favorite.  I loved spending the morning with her and watching her explore something she loves so very much.....animals and the zoo.

This was our first trip to this particular zoo!  I can't believe we have this place in our backyard.  It was also our first time to be able to feed pretty much every single animal we encountered (instead of a select few).  We didn't get to feed the lions (praise the Lord), but everything else was pretty much free game.  Which was super fun!

Feeding the birds was kind of fun.  In a Stephen King sort of way.  ;-)

"It tickles!!!" 

The three amigas!

We love Mrs. H! 


I adore this kid!

The crew :)

In her happy spot.

So thankful to get these times with my girls.

Have a happy Thursday!


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