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Friday, March 4, 2016

Oh Friday.  How I need you.
AND a weekend without one cotton pickin' thing that needs to be done.  I could get use to this.

 I'm linking up again this Friday with these ladies.  Be sure to check out these links for some great reading:

I believe I have been watching this er'day this week and could not be more excited Fuller House was renewed for season 2.

Yesterday I lifted my ban of "no politics" on social media.

I don't know about you, but I'm already so over this campaign.  I realize its importance.  I do.  And my love for politics is not lost on this election, but today.  Today my ears hurt.  And this is the comedic relief they needed.  

This girl got glasses this week!  Makes me LOVE her even more.  Absolutely insanely gorgeous.  #nobias  You can read the full story here.

This week was spelling bee week for the 3rd graders.  Anna Claire missed Monday and Tuesday of this week due to sickness and it was iffy for the day of the bee, but she made it.  Barely.  Even though she didn't win, I'm so proud of her for studying hard and doing her best.  And coming back to school today with a desk covered in notes from sweet friends

I allowed her some "therapeutic" cutting up of the spelling list.  ;-)
Thankful for sweet, sweet friendships.

It has been super, super windy here lately.  And windy days are her absolute favorite.  I imagine the wind tickling her soul.  She laughs and runs and laughs some more.  #bestillmyheart

I am not loving that it feels like we've skipped winter and are moving straight ahead towards spring.  I'm still holding out for one.big.snow.  I can't start dragging everything spring out just yet, but at the same time, I'm going to miss the chance if I don't.  St. Patty's and Easter in the same month always gets me.  

This weekend we have nada on the agenda and I'm more than happy about that.  Cheers to a weekend of sleeping in and relaxtion.



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