Friday Favorites: Easter Edition

Friday, March 25, 2016

We had a pretty incredible spring break and got back in the swing of things this week with school, dance, piano, & soccer.  I'm hoping to get that recap next week...that is, if that ADD can stay at bay. #noshameinmygame

I don't know about you all, but St. Patty's Day, Spring Break, & Easter all within 2 wks has  With that said, I'm linking up this Good Friday to offer up some of last minute Easter favorites.  Because if you are like me and the 3 above events have thrown you for a loop too, you're going to need these last minute ideas. ;-)

Easter Baskets 

Let's talk Easter baskets for a second...I'm a girl mom so please give me grace that I don't have any boy ideas for you. 

These are my girls Easter baskets, circa 2011.  I like a good theme. For me, it just makes sense rather than throwing 1,000 random pieces in a basket.  As you can see above Ava's was a Princess and the Frog theme and Anna Claire's was a Rapunzel theme.  Alli was still in the NICU so I just had some books and a plush bunny in hers.  I've done a Barbie theme, Sofia the first, game theme, girlie theme (hair accessories, lip gloss, etc), musical instrument theme, movie and popcorn theme.  Basically any theme you could think of you could find items for.  

When it came time to think about the theme for this year (as in last night when I was running through Target like a mad woman because it was my only time to shop) I quickly remembered the beach theme I did a few years back.  And it was their favorite!  My first stop was in the girls department where I found some super cute swimsuits.  I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good Target swimsuit.  I've spent a fortune on swimsuits that didn't hold up and we've always had a great experience with Target suits.  They are cheap, wash well, and cute.  It's a win win.  

 So as you can see most of my favorite colors are a mint and coral (except for the Sanuk yoga sling, but I'm a sucker and can't pass those up).  
My big girl will LOVE this pineapple number!

Comes in coral or mint and is ah-dorable on!  We have this in another color from last year.

This is probably my favorite.  I love me some sequins!

Ok, nope.  This is actually my favorite.  I can see Alli's cute little bootie running on the beach in this precious flamingo suit.

And this one is just sweet as pie.

This picture doesn't really do these justice.  As cute as they looked on the hanger and when I held them over their suits, I'm certain they will be adorable on.

Sanuks are one of my favorite beachy pool shoes.  We just got these in at our sister store and I'm thankful my sister-in-law let me know so they can be added to the Easter basket!  They go perfect with our beach theme!

I'll lay my shameless plug here for Kellye Ann's! ;-)

  That's the meat of the basket, now for the potatoes.

To finish the basket off, I'll add:
sand toys
beach ball
pool float 

Throw in some jelly beans and a chocolate bunny (or Reece's Peanut Butter Egg) and I've just completed the girls baskets.  In record time.  And without a lot  any planning.  I am SOOOOOO ready for the beach!!

Resurrection Rolls
Another favorite Easter tradition are Resurrection Rolls.  We'll make these Saturday night and serve them Easter morning.  The girls absolutely LOVE making these and are always excited to share the tomb is empty!  #hallelujah

 Hip Hop Bunny Cake
I've wanted to try this for the last few years, but my girls have only been interested in cupcakes.  I didn't even bring it up this year, but yesterday afternoon Anna Claire asked, "Mommy, can we make one of those bunny cakes this year?"  I obviously said yes.  Any excuse to eat cake and bake with my girls, right??!
Keep an eye open over on my Instagram for our version!
Egging (but not like you think)
A few years ago some friends egged us and we've been doing it ever since.  It's actually the girls FAVORITE thing to do on Easter.  They've been planning out who they want to egg this year and my heart absolutely jumped with pride when they shared that first on their list were our neighbors who are moving soon (and known atheists).  #bethechurch

We have a lot to get done this weekend.  Between bunny cake making and dying our eggs, it's sure to be a great day!  At the very minimum, if nothing turns out pretty, there's certain to be good comedy with this crew.  Our weekend plans are to lay low.  Ava has a soccer game Saturday and later that day we have a picnic and egg hunt.  Sunday we will church it up and then the girls have a surprise in store. 

Dying the eggs is always a favorite!  Here's to NO dye on the hands this year!  Amen!

The real Easter
While the bunnies and egg hunts are always fun, life is the real reason we celebrate.  As Jen Hatmaker so eloquently puts, "Easter will always be a broken hallelujah for me."  The story of our redemption breaks me.  To.the.core.  And while Friday is deemed the saddest day the world has ever known, just 3 days later he arose.  Sunday came.  And the tomb was empty, y'all.  And THAT was the greatest day.  Jesus reigns.  And we are His.   

Redemption.  Grace.  


If you are looking for an excellent video to share with your kiddos about Good Friday, my friend K shared this one with us.  So good!  And my girls wanted to watch it over and over.

Happy Easter, friends. 


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  1. I love that you are a girl mom! I have 3 girls as well. I adore your Easter basket ideas and agree with you on Target bathing suits. SO SO CUTE. My girls just got some new Sanuks too, they are so squishy and comfortable.

    Have a great Easter!

  2. All this Easter stuff you have shared here is amazing and glad that you shared about it here. I am planning a small party at local Chicago venues as was busy during Easter in my work. Hopefully, will arrange a perfect party.


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