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Thursday, March 3, 2016

I sometimes feel as if our life resembles Camelot.  Mostly because I am Jackie and my husband is John and we have had all these bad and crazy things happen in our life together.  Minus everyone dying of course.  It could also be because I've had a secret obsession with JFK and Jackie O my entire life, but that's another story. 

Last weekend at Anna Claire and Ava's dance competition, some pictures were taken of Ava that sparked me to question her pediatrician (who was sitting right beside me...her daughter dances with our girls).  

You may have seen this or another similar article or news segment floating around Facebook over the last few years.  I began noticing the "white" in Ava's eyes probably 6 months ago.  But I brushed it off. 

Sitting next to her pediatrician on Saturday, I asked her if this was real?  Should I be concerned?  

She came back with an extremely concerned look on her face and said she needed to see Ava as soon as possible this week.  I felt sick to my stomach, stayed up way too late researching, and then brushed it off.  We couldn't possibly be looking at retinoblastoma.  

Monday came and I sent her to school.  I wasn't even going to call, but mid-morning I called her dr's office and they had us in that afternoon.  Dr. S didn't see anything "wrong" per se, but she did see white reflex when she shined the light in Ava's eye.  Healthy eyes should reflect red or a similar color (sometimes orangeish pink).  

Not white.

It was ordered to get her in with a pediatric ophthalmologist OR any ophthalmologist that day.  Unfortunately, we couldn't get anyone to see her due to her age and what it could potentially be (peds ophthalmologist are scarce in this area).   So John called in a friend in Arkansas (an optometrist) and we made the drive down there first thing Tuesday morning.  

His findings were:
white reflex
sectoral heterochromia (two colors in the same iris)
choroidal nevus (freckle in the pupil)
Farsighted and an Astigmatism (she just passed her vision screening at school on December 11)

Ava now has glasses (ummmm, isn't she perfect??!!) and we are still awaiting that referral to the pediatric ophthalmologist for the official all clear. Although I still feel this case is closed, I DO also like second opinions.  ;-)

But this brings me to life lesson #1,258,489.  

Mama's....always, always, always go with your gut.  I noticed the eye change over 6 months ago and upon investigating pictures on my computer it really goes back over a year.  I felt she needed to have her eyes checked back then, but at the same time she has always passed her screenings and exams.  She's never given us any indication  that she couldn't see. So I just kept brushing it off. 

Don't brush those feelings off, y'all.  Mother's intuition or the holy spirit?!  I believe mother's intuition comes from the holy spirit.  And I pray for anyone who reads this, just as I am praying for myself that you are open to that voice, to that nudge.  Always.  

P.S.  My kid can rock some glasses!  



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