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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ava is no stranger to a good slumber party or sleepover.  She's been a guest of them for years.  Albeit they were her sisters and she wasn't actually invited.  She has been asking me forever to have a friend over and it just never was time.  In the meantime, Anna Claire has had several sleepovers and Mama guilt started to settle in.  Hard.  

In an effort to not have her suffer from the middle child syndrome, I tend to overcompensate in most areas.  However, when it comes to sleepovers I missed the mark.  Granted, she's still only in kindergarten so I have not failed her entirely.  ;-)

The night was made up of make-overs, a dance party, pizza, popcorn, barbies, and snuggling while watching a movie.

Anna Claire had setup the "spa" for them before we got home from dance.  She's literally the best little hostess.

Barbie girls!

AC pitched in painting nails and doing their makeup. 

That's probably my favorite Ava face. 


Oh these two!!!  We've got out work cut out for us.  ;-)

Dancing it UP to T. Swizzle (as my girls say...not trying to be that Mom or anything)! ;-) 

Snug as a bug in a rug.

I love, love, love these sweet little friendships. And I love this girl Mom business!


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