Friday Favorites: Life Lately Edition

Friday, February 26, 2016

It appears that I can only blog about life lately every other week these days.  And that's ok, because it means I'm busy being Mama.  We've had a lot going on.  Being busy is my favorite.  I thrive in that environment.  I won't lie, I love a good down time too, but day in day out I love being going and doing.  I actually hate the word busy and think people throw it around like a badge of honor, but I hope you get my point.  

Or am I rambling again??!!  ;-)

To start off my Friday favorites, there's this.  Because I needed a new life motto and this pretty much is a new favorite.  I just love Jennie Allen.  I know she posted this just for me.  ;-)


Today begins our dance competition season.  It's DMI weekend!  Luckily, it's here in town so I'm not going totally crazy running around and getting things done.  The girls have had a ton of rehearsals and are pretty much ready to go!
Last Saturday morning...Up and at em early for dress rehearsal!

Anna Claire and M listening to notes.

Unfortunately, having two kids in competitive dance didn't leave much room for pictures.  I borrowed these group shots from a few other Moms.  

Alli girl has been super busy as well!  She has managed to stay healthy and not get any of the illnesses her big sisters have been bringing home (knock on wood and praise Jesus).  A huge feat alone on top of her daily therapies at school.  Not bad for an immune suppressed kid who has spent almost her entire life in isolation.  

In eating news, she polished off her FIRST ENTIRE bowl of spaghetti (blended).  And LOVED every.single.bite.  I'm continuously amazed as I watch God's story of Alli unfold, on His time.  All these hard fought milestones are just so, so sweet.  

 If you have been with us for awhile, you may know Alli's neurologist added a side of autism to her cerebral palsy diagnosis.  Because that's how we roll.   Go big or go home.  This week, Alli and I drove up to Columbia, Missouri to the Thompson Center for Autism and Neuodevelopmental Disorders. We had been waiting to see the peds neuropsychologist there in Columbia since last June.  Unfortunately, the waiting list was 12-18 months (insanity). Fortunately for us, in January, the neuro who specializes in complex cases like AG's (cerebral palsy, autism, global developmental delays, and so on) was randomly looking through the waiting list and came across Alli's file. After reviewing it, he had his case manager immediately call me on a Friday night and asked if we could be here in two weeks. 

And so we did. The appointment went really, really well. 
Dr. M believes Alli needs intense ABA therapy (which we already knew and are on the waiting list for...we just weren't prepared to the extent needed). He feels that ABA should take precedent over ALL her other therapies (as long as they maintain pre-academic skills) at this time so we can greater pinpoint what is truly an intellectual disability due to her brain damage and cerebral palsy or what is autism. And we agree. Its been somewhat our battle cry for awhile so it feels SO good to have someone on the same page. 

Unfortunately, waiting lists are excruciatingly long for ABA due to where we live. We've been on the list since June and are still looking at another 6+ months. They are hoping to help expedite the process due to her age and late diagnosis.

He also encouraged us to delay kindergarten next year and focus heavily on ABA (with pre-academics), unless we are able to find a therapist who will come to our home after school for 3-5 hours 3-4 days a week (highly unlikely in our area). In the meantime we wait. Something we've become good at over the last 5 years. Alli is like our little onion and eventually we'll peel back the right layer and have a better understanding.

In the hotel the night before her appt....It was like she had 6 shots of expresso...getting to sleep with Mommy alllllll alone in the big bed was hysterical and so fun!  Absolutely a favorite memory of mine.  ;-)

Ava has had a rough go of it lately, not my favorite.  She had strep that she just couldn't quite kick and missed nearly an entire week of school.  While I hate when my kids are sick, in the moments she did feel well, this is how I would find her.  That barbie loving, daydreaming middle of mine.  Moments like this are my favorite. 

And then when these two get together in the kitchen pretending they are on Cupcake Wars.  Y'all.  TLC is missing a fine opportunity for a reality show with this crew.  

Warning: There were no ba nan na nas used in this recipe.

Can't even.

We've had some crazy warm days here in Missouri lately.  Absolutely have loved spending the days pushing this kid in the swing. 

Anna Claire's "op art" was featured in the Area School's Art Exhibition at College of the Ozarks. Sunday afternoon after dress rehearsal, we ran by for the opening. We of course had to hit up the creamery while on campus. Love my artist and this crazy crew.

Studying for the spelling bee!  Can you use onomatopoeia in a sentence?!  I didn't think so.  ;-)

"My name is Anna Claire and I like to lose teeth."  Probably one of my favorite quotes ever from her then six year old self.  Another one bit the dust for her this week and she had her first tune up with her retainer (pretty painful week, but she's still all smiles).
Pajama day for AC and spirit wear day for Ava!   Ready to get this weekend started (and soaking up the fact my 9 year old asked for pigtails and hairbows for pj day)! 

Hope your weekend is fantastic!  That's life lately with this crew!  Don't forget to check all the fun link-ups on this Friday!



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