February Goals and Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1!  

Y'all I say it on the first of every.single.month.  Was it not just Christmas??!  


So, since it is February 1st (and not Christmas) I thought I would share my goals.  

But first, let's recap January.  

1.  Changing up the blog (a little not a lot) 

That's still a work in progress.  January turned into February and I haven't really even thought of it.  I have a few name ideas, but I am also secretly saving them for the book I'll hopefully write before I'm 50.  ;-) 

2.  Quiet time
Started strong.  Finished weak.  It happens.  I have LOVED Havilah Cunnington's Eat, Pray, Hustle.  And you should still jump on and join in.  

3.  Water goals 
Started strong.  Finished weak.  

4.  Picture goals 
Who am I kidding??!  The day after this posted my computer crashed.  Of course.  Everything was retrieved, but nothing happened after that.  What exactly did I accomplish in January??!   

5.  Purging 
This.  Purging was GREATLY accomplished in January.  I'm still a million miles from where I want us to be, but I made a great dent in the damage.  And man does it feel so good.   

That was January.

Looking ahead to February! 
 1.  Go meatless twice a week
I saw Mix and Match Mama do this same thing last month and believe it's SUCH a good idea.  We generally go meatless once a week, but I think two is totally doable.  We love some meat around here (most especially my husband and Anna Claire) so it may be tricky.  This week is already planned out and I've accomplished going meatless twice, so we'll see if I can keep it up!

 2.  Quiet time
  Start strong. Finish strong.  

 3.  Pictures
 For real.  Just start somewhere, Jackie.  SO, I am going to begin with the first year that is on my computer and work backwards and forwards even. 

4.  Purging  
 Drawers and more!  I've already started some drawers, but I need to tackle the rest in the girls rooms.  

 5. Meal Planning
  I did really well there for like two weeks.  I would potentially like to do 2 weeks and then build from there and have a monthly plan (and add some freezer meals to the mix).  Man how this would totally help in both budgeting and just time management.  It's about to really get real with dance conventions, competitions, extra rehearsals, and spring soccer.  This is a must in my book.

I think that's enough for February!  Eeeks!   

Our weekend was pretty stinkin' good!  The weather was GORGEOUS!  I mean.  70 degrees in January??!  Sign.me.up.   

Friday night after dance AC had a friend spend the night.  Since it was a last minute, "hey can AG spend the night," we had nothing planned.  They danced, watched a few movies, ate pizza and popcorn, drew pictures, and snuggled up with each other and their iPads.  I'm becoming increasingly aware there will be many more last minute "hey can I's" in our future and I'm going to embrace it all.  This is such a fun season (and a challenging one at the same time).   

And because I love a good split-screen.  Their first sleepover together circa January 2014.  Look how little!!

Saturday morning Ava woke up throwing up.  She had to miss dance rehearsals, but by the afternoon was as good as gold.  She was excited that she was finally able to use the fro up bowl.

"Mommy, it's crazy that I am on the box and I have never had to use it.  Now I know it works."  #blessit

Saturday afternoon into the evening we just played outside and had a bonfire.  It was a pretty perfect Saturday.

Her happy spot.


"Whatever you do, DON'T kiss me!" ~Alli Grace



Gorgeous Saturday night sunset.
Sunday was church followed by John and Ava's date to Fun Spot and a Birthday Party for Anna Claire's sweet friend, Alexee.

Ava absolutely adored her date with Daddy!

Sweet group of girls!
They painted mugs and will have them fired.  How fun!!  I'm certain this will be AC's new favorite hot chocolate mug!

That was our weekend in a nutshell and my February goals!  I'm excited to get after it!

I hope you have the best week!



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