Father/Daughter Dance 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

Oh to be a fly on the wall when this crew was out shaking their booties Saturday night!  

This was Anna Claire's 3rd Daddy/Daughter Dance and Ava's 1st!  After a full day of hair & makeup plus team rehearsals, the girls got home and let me pamper them a little for their big night out with Daddy.  Since Anna Claire has done this a time or two, I let Ava have first dibs at everything.

Glittered slippers make it that much more fun!

Hanging out in my bed while their hair curls!

One of my favorite things is that John rings the doorbell for them.  By now they know who it is, but it's still just as sweet.  We always keep the dress a secret so this is the first time he sees them.  The girls hate that part, but I know they love the big reveal (and I mean who doesn't). 

"Make him wait, Ava!"


Love his face when he sees the girls for the first time!  So fun and so special! 

If that face doesn't do it for you!  #bestillmyheart


Her laugh kills me.  She just couldn't stop.


Fun was certainly had by all.  And I was privy to a few Facebook posts and this selfie they sent me during the dance.


I love this video of the girls whipping and nae naeing.  They'll kill me when they are older.  Girls, it was your Daddy.  Don't shoot the messenger.  ;-)

John carried in our middle A, sound to sleep.  There was no denying that she had a great time.  While she was unable to tell me much anything, Anna Claire made it known they had about 16 cupcakes between the two of them.  

OH!  And that Daddy can break it down!

So thankful they had such a good time together!   Such a wonderful memory I pray they cherish always.

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