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Monday, February 29, 2016

This weekend was nuts.  As Anna Claire so eloquently put it Saturday night, "this weekend isn't turning out like I planned."

It was our first convention/competition of the season.  And AC was down with strep (and probably influenza B).  Friday, they finished school up and we headed towards the Chateau to meet the team.  AC was pretty pale and said she "felt like crap" but she didn't have a fever so we marched forward.  #motheroftheyear

We got home later that night and the coughing, hacking started.  I checked her temp again.  103.7  #lovely

I packed the car up with all our goodies for the weekend (we had to leave home at 6:30, that's a.m., to be at the Chateau the next morning).   I checked on her throughout the night, but that fever just wouldn't budge.  John took her to urgent care the next morning and we officially had a man down.

She didn't take classes that day, but she did perk up (thank you Motrin and Tylenol) and got out on that stage and competed.  I'll admit I cried.  That smile was full on and you would never know how bad she felt.  She immediately crashed once we were done.  

While things didn't go as planned, we still had a great weekend dancing!  Imma about to dump 1,000 pictures on you and that's AOK.  

Yes, that's Robert Roldan!

Ava shaking it in the junior room.  To be fair, 99% of these kids were 7-10.  Ava is 6. 

My poor baby.  Again with the #motheroftheyear

These two sweet friends.  Both sicks.  Both troopers!

Lots of sickness, but lots of fun, growth, and awards this weekend!  Both girls had dances that won overall in their category.  So proud of Anna Claire for pushing through sickness and for Ava pushing through her first time in the junior room (which was a above her head, but she still held her own).  Thankful for a studio of teachers who lead well and teach these girls of mine so much more than dance.  Lots more fun to come this season as we have another convention next weekend and 3 more competitions this season.    



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