Weekend Wrap Up- Layin' Low

Monday, January 11, 2016

This weekend was so good.  With the exception of church on Sunday, we spent most of the weekend in our pj's.  

And we were all totally fine with that.  It was John's first full weekend off for the season so we soaked up having him at home.  

Friday night after dance we grabbed pizza and headed towards the hacienda.  Anna Claire was busting at the seams to show me the man with the longest finger nails in the world.  

After dinner we all went straight to bed.  


Around 4:15 Saturday morning Anna Claire and Ava crawled in bed with us.  Ava went straight back to sleep, but AC started talking to me and the next thing I knew it was daylight.  The girls and I got up to see the snow and let Daddy sleep.  We were pretty disappointed in the snows appearance or lack thereof.  Since moving to Missouri in 2013, we've had two really snowy winters.  And the girls have absolutely loved it.  This year, not so much.  I just need one good snow.

And then I'm done.  Spring can come.

Like I said....we spent all day in our jammies.  We ate waaaaaay too much popcorn.  Watched waaaaaay too many episodes of Dance Moms.  Layin' low.  all.day.long.  

So good.

On Sunday we churched it up, went to lunch, and then attended the membership class at our church.  We are thrilled to have found a church home in Missouri, finally.  

In between lunch and membership class we ran home for a quick game of bowling in the kitchen.  ;-)  Ava turned her soccer cleats into bowling shoes, because why not?!

What a much needed and restful weekend!!  We're ready to take on the week and look forward to the 3.day.weekend.  #whoop

Funniest part of the weekend was Friday afternoon when Alli kicked the 6 ft tree in her sister's room over.  #noinjuriestoreport
Hope your day is the best!

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