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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Last Friday night was our dinner and a movie night.  We didn't get in until late so the movie was more of on the iPad on the counter, but it was just tradition modified.  ;-) 

Saturday morning both big girls had rehearsals and John and Alli stayed home and snuggled.  I shot this video during warm up.  Ava is a pretty fierce Justin Bieber fan so she was in heaven with their song choices.  And the fact everyone was singing along at the top of their lungs.  So fun.  I'm learning to embrace the Bieb for the sake of my children.  I mean his new stuff is on.point.   

Ava was done with rehearsal by lunch so I grabbed the girls lunch and left Anna Claire at dance for afternoon rehearsals.  Ava and I headed home to snuggle and watch American Girl: Grace Stirs up Success thanks to Netflix!  

Saturday afternoon I picked up AC from rehearsal and we ran to the grocery store.  

But first....Starbucks.  

I also found my new favoritest coffee mug!

We spent the rest of the afternoon/early evening snuggled up on the couch watching old home movies.  And our Maui wedding.  #blessit

It has been such a crazy week that I don't even know what happened after that!  Ha!  But I think it involved the bed because John had snapped this super cute picture of the girls.  

On Sunday we had church and then finished the membership class.  In between all that this little nugget asked Jesus into her heart forever. 

Sometime that day we took a family trip to Wal-Mart.  Because isn't that what everyone does in the South?!  On a Sunday?!  John and Anna Claire rarely pass up a vending machine game.  #suckers

Tuesday we celebrated little britches 5th Birthday in style, thanks to a seizure and an ambulance ride.  At least we got the deductible out of the way.  #silverlining  She always meets her deductible the first month of the year anyway.  Alli is on the mend now and has enjoyed these two ice days to recoup.

Birthday morning!

Wednesday and today we've had snow/ice day #1 and #2.  It wasn't much, more ice than snow, but the girls still always make the best of it.  The girls enjoyed playing outside and then warming up inside with popcorn, hot chocolate, and facials.  So fun! 


Today will bring more snow playing and a trip back to the orthodontist to pick up Anna Claire's retainer.  :)

Such fun days!  Hope your day is great!  

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