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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Have you ever had a particular week feel like it lasts 365,452 days??!  

That's this week.  For no reason in particular.  It's just been long.  And it's only Thursday.

Monday after school and getting Anna Claire to dance, John and I played a mad game of Disney Hedbandz with this kid.  She's a movie rock star!

Tuesday was a meetings and appointments all day kind of day.  Ava's kindergarten teacher did post this picture on her class page.  Anna Claire had won a reward in her class and the only thing she wanted to do was read to Ava's class.  I'm so thankful her wish was granted and Ava's teacher posted these sweet pictures.  Ava was thrilled and so, so proud to have AC read to her class.  

And while I was looking on the kindergarten page, I found this sweet picture of Ava and classmates creating a new group name for their desk groups.  

Wednesday was another crazy busy day with the addition of the Superbowl Celebration at school.

Superbowl is an assembly that celebrates and recognizes the kids who showed growth on their NWEA testing (standardized test that's done at the beginning, middle, and end of the year).  Kindergarten doesn't do a middle year assessment so we don't have a comparison, but they did get to run down the center of the "field" as a class!    

I spy my Ava!

Mrs. H's class!

These littles were so fast, I couldn't snag a good picture!  Note: Looking for my kiddos??!  Look for the bow!  Always, look for the bow!  ;-)

Anna Claire about to be announced.  This kid blew both math and reading out of the water.  I'm so impressed with her reading #'s though.  Crazy strong reader which will serve her so well through life!

Since it was "Superbowl" day, the kids were asked to wear their favorite team jersey/shirt.  Whether we live in Tennessee or Missouri, my girls still love.their.Hogs!  #arkansas

Mrs. D getting ready to announce her class!

Mrs. D's spirit leaders!

So proud of this girl!

The 4A's!  Sweet, sweet friends right here.  And how crazy that here in Missouri these 4 girls all love the Hogs!

And the girls with Mrs. S, their 2nd grade teacher whom we wish we could steal and take to every grade.  She's honestly and we miss her terribly!  Looking forward to Ava getting her one day soon.  :)

In Alli news, she's been killing it at school.  Ok, maybe that's extreme, but she's tolerating crafts more and we are beginning to get a handle on getting and keeping her on a schedule and participating during class.  Her teacher reported that she held a glue stick and made motions like she was trying to glue (and maybe occasionally whacked  someone in the head).  She's doing a lot of hitting and we've begun seeing more and more autism coming out.  For SO long our battle has been with cerebral palsy and brain damage.  Now that we have somewhat of a handle on that, in walks another diagnosis, another struggle.  I think once we wrap our heads around everything, the therapies needed, the insurance battles, etc..., we'll have a better idea of how to get further down the road with her.  

I love this picture of her after school this week.  I was praising her for what a good week she was having.  She knows what I'm saying.  Don't tell me she doesn't know.  #sweetestnugget

Today will be another fun and busy day!  John gets to be a Watchdog Dad at the girls school, Ava has a popcorn/movie party, and Anna Claire is making her second trip to the orthodontist for impressions.  Expander/retainer here we come in preparation for braces in about a year!  Eeek!  I really needed to win that Powerball.  ;-)

Hope your day is the best!

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