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Monday, January 18, 2016

I knew it was coming.  

We've had months of questions, professions that she loves Jesus, that she's God's girl, how she prays, how she sings worship songs.  All of it.  And while we have nurtured all those moments, I admit I kind of have held back a little bit. 

Not because I don't think a 6 year old can grasp, understand, and seek salvation.  I know that's controversial for some, but I've seen it in our Anna Claire and have never doubted her.   And she has never wavered.  AC is very analytical, but she is an old soul, always has been.  She's also so black and when she came to us at the same age, professing the need to be saved, we didn't hesitate.  John and I have prayed and always wanted our girls to come to this decision at an early age.  Jesus does love the little children. 

I've held back a little because I have never wanted Ava to base her need on Anna Claire's timeline. And neither girls have had a time table.  They have always come to us. 

Ava is our dreamer.  She's dramatic.  She'll be the one on stage one day.  But she also takes everything at face value so it shouldn't have surprised me when she spontaneously professed on the car ride home yesterday....

"I want to ask Jesus in my heart!"

We spent hours off and on yesterday asking her all the questions, gauging her understanding, walking her through Romans.  And you know what?  She never skipped a beat.  

I don't think we give kids enough credit, y'all.  I saw a new Ava last night.  A little grown up in a 6 year old body who was most assured of her faith, her belief in Jesus, her need for a savior, and the promises He has for her.  What a gift to be able to walk in the freedom and authority that is given to us through Jesus at such a young age.  I mean I wish I would have had that. 

After everything was said and done, you know what she wanted to do first?!

Pray for her baby sister.  #bestillmyheart

And the girl can flat pray.  She prayed for her sister to be able to chew, that her brain damage would be healed, and she would no longer have special needs.  She prayed that she would not just have words, but be able to talkShe prayed for things I've never even thought to pray for yet....that she would not only learn to chew, but be able to feed herself at the table with us and not in a high chair. 

I mean c'mon little preacher.  It was so good! 

I now joyfully present to you, one of the newest members of the Kingdom,

Ava Elizabeth

who is excited to experience and share the love of Christ.  

Ava baby,

I pray that you soak in every second, every word, every encounter with God and with boldness go after everything He has waiting for you with the freedom and authority we have been given through Jesus.  You are an atmosphere changer for a reason.  May the Lord be inside and beside you, always.  

For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. ~Psalm 91:11

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