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Monday, January 4, 2016

I have failed miserably the last few years in getting family pictures.  I had a photographer in my back pocket in Tennessee (i.e. my dear friend, the wonderful Lynn Stanger Photography).  And not so much a photographer in my back pocket once in Missouri.  

But I moved a step closer in the right direction in November.  No, it wasn't a family picture in it's entirety, but it sums us up right now.  I'm hoping this spring/summer I can steal my husband away and get some new pictures of us all.  And we can be assured Alli won't freeze.  I'll explain later.

This girl right here.  When did she grow up??! 


 Our Ava E.  Those two teeth

This poor girl.  She doesn't do cold weather.  At. all.  She cried the minute the car door was opened until 5 minutes after she was back in the car and warm. In her defense it was 39 degress with 65 mph wind gusts.  No.joke.  I would have cried too if someone would have held me.

note to self: No more family pictures in late November. 

I think Alli's lips are blue.  :( #motheroftheyear #blessit


My heart.

Hope you are have a happy Monday!



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