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Friday, January 15, 2016

Hallelujah and amen!  

It's Friday!  

I don't know what the deal is, but this week has been a doozy.  Nothing bad to report, just a doozy.  And long.  I'm SO, so thankful for this 3 day weekend ahead.  

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Can we not #slowthistraindown??!  Here we are almost half way through January and I am eyeing hard Valentines Day!  I do love me some "valen-times" though.  :)   This year I'm wanting to add a countdown calendar.  I did this one year when the girls were much smaller and simply have forgot about it in recent years.  I think they were too young to obviously appreciate it, but now I know they would  I found this cute link of ideas from Tip Junkie and hope to kick it in gear next week on an idea. :)  Do you have any Valentines rituals?!  Do tell!

{two-Big girl room}

A few weeks back Ava and I started looking at ideas for her big girl room.  I'll actually have 3 rooms to redo, but Ava gets first priority.  Besides her nursery she has never had her own room.  She went from the nursery to sleeping with Anna Claire and we never changed it.  I'm certain they will still be sleeping in the same bed, but at least this way they will have their own space.  And closets. the closets.  Two girls in one closet has not been my favorite thing to do in life.  ;-)

Ava has decided on a Paris theme for her big girl room.  I can't figure out her obsession with the Eiffel Tower, but it's certainly cute.  She's leaning towards lavender, black/white, and golds.  But that can change on a whim.  Here are some of our favorite finds when planning her room.  

{three - here comes the orthodontist}

And so it begins.....

While I can't say that forking over a bunch of money to the orthodontist will be my favorite, it is sort of a fun season!  And Anna Claire is really excited!  Let's just pray she's still excited this time next week.  Yesterday they did impressions for her retainer, which she'll get next week.  In about a year or so, she'll be getting braces.  She will also have to have some implants due to missing two permanent teeth (incisors next to canines).  I'm not sure how that all goes down and how soon that's done.  As it stands now, those teeth aren't going anywhere until they have to be pulled.  Luckily, my brother in law is also our dentist so I feel confident he'll be our checks and balances and make sure she has the most incredible smile (not that she doesn't already).  

{four - timehop}   

So this popped up on my #timehop this week and I still am laughing.  I probably will still be laughing 40 years from now.  I'm not sure what's the best part.  AC's hair, the cuss words probably coming out of her mouth (I can neither confirm or deny), OR Ava's red face full body scream. 

Oh how I miss those days.  Wait a minute.....

{five - not ready to be a princess}   
I'm ending my Friday Favorites with this little nugget of mine.  She has been singing this song all week, which is not at all unusual, but I felt like I needed to video her before I miss this stage.  Oh my heart the sweetest voice.  Can she be a 6 year old princess forever??!  

  This weekend we have dance rehearsals, church & membership class, and a movie date with my little family.  I'm excited to curl up and get some R&R with my crew.  We desperately need a snow day or two or three, but I will settle for this glorious three day weekend!

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  1. We are right in the middle of the big girl room transformation, so I totally get that zone! It's such fun, but it's a hoot to ask their opinion on what they want. Love the idea of a Paris room :) And going to the ortho is such a milestone! I was missing the same 2 adult teeth, but bottoms, and got implants. I got them when I was a freshman in college. A multi-step process, BUT such a great post-op experience. Can't tell they are implants. It will all go so well. Hope you all had a great long weekend!


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