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Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday!  Thank you for the weekend!

I'm backtracking to last weeks snow days because I found these gems on my phone and I just had to laugh.  Mom bloopers are my favorite.  We had several kiddos in and out all week with the snow days.  I generally keep the popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, and hot chocolate flowing.  That's my job during those days.  The first batch of cookies were incredible.  The second and the third batch?!

Well, looked like this.  Apparently someone replaced self rising with all-purpose in the container.  Special I know. 

On the flip side.  The girls LOVED the cookie pie!  And told me I should never make them the normal way again.  #blesstheirhearts

Anna Claire received her corrective retainer last week too!  Picture on the left is the before and the picture on the right is with the appliance in (she can't put her teeth together with it in).  It will be so fun to see the change in her with just the retainer.  In fact, a little over a week in and I can already tell a difference.  She will still require braces, but the is helping to correct her cross bite and the receding of her gums on the bottom.  She has handled it SO well and we have lost the darn thing yet so that's a win in my book!

Saturday morning brought a date morning with my Bigs!   She had late rehearsals so we did some shopping and had lunch together before I dropped her off at dance.  One on one time is so hard to come by and I love to soak in every second. 

After rehearsals I dropped her off the celebrate her sweet friend, Olivia's 9th Birthday!! 

Ava got a ton of time in on Saturday night!  We played games, Barbies, watched movies, and did hair and make-up (as you can tell).  She did finally admit sher probably applied a "little too much blush."  


My Barbie girl!

Sunday night we finally watched Austin And Ally on Disney.  This is their, "I can't believe Ally just said NO to Austin" face.  

oh, the drama.  

It's like the bachelor for them I guess.  

Of course if you watch A&A, you know the outcome.  I won't go all Reality Steve on you over this one.  ;-) 

One thing I love about the dance community is although it's so large, it's still so small.  A young dancer by the name of Parker recently started her battle with cancer.  Last Monday studios across the country were asked to wear purple (her favorite color) in honor and to show support for this sweet girl.  Anna Claire proudly supported this sweet girl!  You can follow Parker's story here.

Parker and family, we know what it's like to need a miracle.  We're praying for abundantly more than you could ever imagine.  God is able.  


Love this picture of them walking into school!
Grocery shopping with my girl.  But first can we stop and read half the books?! #bookworm

She has been mimicking Hi recently and showed off for a few therapists!   

100 days smarter!!  Her favorite things about the last 100 days were meeting new friends AND learning to read.  We are so proud of you, AEB! 

That's our week (and a little more) lately and some of my favorites.  I'm linking up again today with:

I hope you have the best weekend!



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