Birthdays and Ambulance Rides

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

You know it really shouldn't surprise me given her entrance into the world, that her 5th birthday would have a few twists, turns, and surprises.  

Alli woke up yesterday morning running a temperature just over 100.  She had no other symptoms (and was covered in a really fluffy blanket) so I assumed it was that, went about our morning, and sent her off to school. 

When I picked her up Ms. M said she had been super fussy, but it was her birthday so she could cry if she wanted to.

Once we were home, you could tell she was beginning to feel bad.  She was real lazy acting and preferred to stay on the couch under her big blanket with her iPad and Sofia the First on TV.  Multitasking at it's finest.  She started running a fever around 1 or 2.  It was only 101, she didn't have any other symptoms, and appeared to be fine so I didn't treat.  By 3 she was becoming suuuuuper grouchy so I checked her again, still 101, but since she was grouchy I decided to give her Tylenol.  I normally am a Motrin girl, but I didn't think her fever was high enough and wanted to save the Motrin in case it got higher within the next few hours.  

We had plans to go out to dinner to celebrate Alli with the family, but decided to cancel given the road conditions.  John and the big girls got home a little after 6 (road conditions and several wrecks on 248 had them stopped for over an hour).  

As I was cooking dinner Alli was becoming increasingly more fussy.  She would get off the couch and walk aimlessly through the house and then go back to the couch.  During one of her rounds through the kitchen I noticed her cheeks were super red.  I checked her temp again....103.7 in one ear 104 in the other.  I dosed her up with Motrin and wrote down the time on a piece of paper. 

7:18 Motrin

When I get the feeling it's going to be an alternating Motrin/Tylenol kind of night I start writing the times down as not to double up.  So I am certain of the time it was given.  

Somewhere between 7:18 and 7:34 (the time of the 911 call) Alli just started acting weirder and weirder.  Moments before we called 911 I knew something wasn't "right."  She was on the couch and had brought her iPad up to her face and was making very.strange leg and hand movements.  I took the iPad away to assess her and she fell over on the couch and had a blank stare.  I grabbed her up and brought her to the kitchen.  As I turned the corner in the kitchen, I told John I thought we needed to take her to the ER.  As those words came out she went noodle limp, unresponsive, white as a ghost, and her lips turned blue.  I yelled for someone to call 911 and we rushed her to her bedroom to check her, hook her up to monitors, and get her on O2.  

When the monitor came on her heart rate was close to 200 and she was satting in the 80's.  We bumped her up to 4 liters and she pinked up quickly, but was still unresponsive.  Her breathing was super shallow, but very fast.  The dispatcher had me pinch her in several places to which she finally moved her hand, but never made any attempts to let us know it hurt.  And I pinched really hard several times because I was desperate to get a response.  Total she was unresponsive for 20 minutes.  Probably longer now that we've been able to step back and recall everything.   

As luck would have it, we were flat in the middle of snow and ice so it took paramedics awhile to get to us.  Due to her medical history and the fact we live in Egypt, I have always wondered how long it would take them to get to us.  I feel confident if we were ever to have to go this route again, which I pray we don't, they would be to us in minutes.  Regardless, I'm super impressed with their time and commitment to getting here.  The ambulance couldn't make it down the hill in our subdivision, but the crew got out and walked to our house (which is really quite a distance in snow and ice).    

Not knowing that paramedics were walking to our house, the dispatcher had told us if we felt comfortable to put her in the car and drive to the ambulance we should.  When we stepped outside that cold air hit Alli and she immediately woke up, like water had been thrown in her face.  It was the weirdest thing.  By this time we realized paramedics were almost to our house so we turned around and took her back inside.  

Within minutes people were coming in from everywhere (cars and first re sponders that could make it down the hill and the rest of the team on foot).  Alli was awake and being assessed, but was still very much out of it (if that makes sense).  Due to her medical history and being unresponsive so long, they quickly decided she did deserve an ambulance ride on her 5th Birthday.  When we made it to the ambulance at the top of the hill she was cooing and making her Alli noises.  They strapped her on the gurney and she never fought (very unlike her).  She just laid there.  Pitiful, but by the time we got to the ER (another 25 minute ride) she was begging for my phone and watching Doc McStuffins.  

At the ER they had Alli in a room and assessed within minutes.  It was determined she had a febrile seizure roughly lasting 5 minutes.  It is really not known if her fever spiked even higher OR if it could be because the Motrin brought her fever down so fast.  She was kept for observation and we were released and home by midnight.  

Alli slept well all night and is back up and at 'em this morning with her iPad.  We're thankful for this snow day to curl up and recoup.  I can't get a laugh or smile out of her yet, but I'm sure they are coming. 

So many thanks to those who prayed for our girl!!  We love you guys!

HUGE shout out to Anna Claire for calling 911 and telling them everything they needed to know until Mama and Daddy could get on the phone.  Sissy, when you read this one day I hope you know how proud we are of you!  You're ability to remain calm even when I knew you were SO so scared amazes me.  You.are.a.rock star!  

Our neighbors, Shannon and Suzie for grabbing our big girls and taking them to your house (without me even realizing).  So thankful to have you guys love on them!

Last but not least, Taney County Ambulance for getting to us as fast as they could and getting our girl safely to the ER.  The ER staff at Cox in Branson, thank you guys for taking such good care of our girl!



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  1. Hello Jackie, I am new to your blog. I want you to know that I am lifting you and your family up in prayer that Alli is better soon. Hoping you get some rest soon.


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