Twas the week before Christmas....

Monday, December 28, 2015

Whew. December.  Where have you gone and what have you done with the real December.  The last two weeks have been sheer madness.  


The last full week before school was out was filled with  Christmas Open House at dance, a trip to Silver Dollar City,  and school festivities.  It sure messed up my house and my need to tie up all those loose ends before Christmas break and Christmas shopping, but I couldn't miss my girls.    

The 3rd grade had a Gingerbread making party as their Christmas party this year!  I love a good party and being able to spend it with my girls and their friends.

AC's teacher posted this on our class app.  She was so excited to spend time with the Kindergartners (and one of Ava's best friends).  She helped R with a craft and read her some books.  And talked about it for days.

Alli LOVES the piano.

If you know my girls, you know they dance.  A lot. Christmas Open House week at dance is always super fun and crazy!  The kiddos dress in random costumes, there are tons of treats, and it's a great time to get to see everything they are learning in class.
Musical Theater

Doing her "DR Pepper Commercial audition"....I could listen to her say Rocky Mountain Sarsaparilla

Musical Theater Dance!

Baby Stars Ballet/Jazz

Love this sweet friend, R!

Musical Theater Dance!

Ava with her musical theater teacher, Ms. AJ and assistant M.

Sweet Sparklejolly friends!

There was a little Whip and Nae nae to be had.

AC's goals! 


Ballet with Mrs. Kara!


Tap with Mrs. Peggy and her assistants A and H!

Mrs. Peggy's Tap 1 class

Ava and A!  We love this girl!

And we love Miss H too!

and of course Mrs. Peggy!

Leaps and Turns class

Sissy made the wall!

Anna Claire hates ballet, but she's slowly coming to understand it's importance.  She has grown so much this year!

Mrs. Melanie's ballet class kicks them square in the rear.  ;-)

Ballet with Ms. Melanie and assistant I!

My #happytapper

Thursday night (December 17th) we had a date night to Silver Dollar City with our big girls.  It was simply too cold for Alli so she stayed home with Papa and Nini.  My goal for 2016 is more date nights with my man and my big girls.  They are so very much needed.  We rode a few rides, had dinner, saw Santa and Rudolph, and walked around with the biggest chocolate chip cookie I've ever seen with hot chocolate.  The lights and snow were perfect.  Absolutely magical.  It finally felt like Christmas!

Christmas Tree lighting!

I hate that Alli wasn't with us to see Santa, but it was simply too cold.  Sister would have been miserable.    

Probably one of my favorite all.time. memories ever.  We walked out from seeing Santa and snow was coming down.  We all thought it was SUPER cool that Silver Dollar City was making snow.  It made the moment so magical.  But as we continued to walk we realized it was REALLY snowing.  I mean how perfect was that??!  Could NOT have written this night any better.

This was the perfect ending to a great week before Christmas! As always I didn't get everything done that I wanted, but I am learning to and enjoy the little things.  All the memories made when I'm not planning memories to be made.  Those are the best.  


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