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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!

I’m pretty excited to join in for my first Show and Tell Tuesday!  Be sure to check out what others have to show and tell here.

Christmas decorating is my.all.time.favorite.  I love that it will be documented and I love even more that I get to sneak a peak at so many others. 

I didn’t do the full she-bang this year.  I got started later than usual and it took longer than usual and quite frankly I got tired and was just ready to be done.  I was ready and I know my family was ready to just be able to to enjoy.  Heck, I’m pretty sure I may still have a pumpkin out, wreathes on my windows, but no wreaths on the doors. 

I started strong is all I can say.  ;-)

Come on inside, excuse the pumpkins on the front porch.

I bought this 6 ft Nutcracker back before we had kids and it's one of my favorite things.  I have a little prelit tree on the other side and a fellow nutcracker (much smaller of course) and some of my favorite Raz packages. 

Moving into our living room, the tree is probably my favorite.  It takes me a good day or two to get the lights, ribbon, and the top finished before it's ornament time.  I've wanted to change things up the last few years, but my girlies LOVE all the colors.  So they win.  I'm kind of partial as well. 

I always have so much fun with the top.  It's over the top (ha), but it's always so fun to create! 

Lots of colorful sprigs, balls, and TONS of glitter.  #girlmom

A view from the breakfast area.

I have a ton of these glittered boxes that I use all over.  They are so fun!

Found another nutcracker! 

Our tree is a montage of colorful ornaments and things the girls have made through the years.  I always said I would NEVER hang my kids ornamnets on the big tree.  I also said I would never have anything hanging on my refrigerator.  #neversaynever

Lots of ornaments are from the girls favorite things through the Anna Claire's obsession with Elmo.  We have a few of these guys hanging on the tree. 

I started my Dept. 56 North Pole Village collection before the girls were born.  I haven't bought any in a few years (sort of out of room at the moment).  This is by far probably the girls favorite.  Just as I hoped it would be all those years ago. 

So fun and whimsical!  I love when the girls make up stories about what's going on in each piece (and they really think this is what the North Pole looks like). 

Barbie, probably my favorite.  Or Mickey's Clubhouse.

The piano is home to the rest of our North Pole Village!  We'll hopefully be moving soon and the house we've had our eye on has a spot just for the villages next year.

Some of my favorite Christmas pictures from years past.  Some are Santa pictures and some were pictures on our Christmas cards. 
Our little rental house has a very strange layout so our breakfast area is smack dab in between the living room and the hearth room (or playroom for us).  For our table this year, I placed my Apothecary jars full of ornaments, glittered trees, and my wooden J-O-Y letters that I purchased from Target a few years ago. 

Many of the same ornaments that are on our big tree are included in the jars.

Behind our table is the buffet which is always home to our Jesse Tree.  It's a little top heavy, but you know what they say??!  The bigger the bow, the closer to Jesus.  So there's that.  ;-)

This tree gets decorated daily as we read through Unwrapping the Greatest Gift.  Most of the ornaments are now store bought or handmade.  I do have a few of these cards which Ann Voskamp includes with the book as a free download (it's hard to find some of these ornaments).  I have been slowly building my collection and am getting pretty close to it being complete.  The blue ornament seen above is the earth.  Ava was with me one day when I was searching for a few of the ornaments to add.  When we got home she went to her room and emerged later with the sweetest gift.  "Mommy, since we couldn't find the earth ornament I wanted to make you one."  Oh, that baby girl!  #bestillmyheart

This table is in the kitchen and home to our Nativity. 

A little Christmas treasure on the kitchen counter.
Hall closet door is home to my grandmother's Santa Christmas card holder.  I remember being at her home each Christmas and I always loved this thing.  Now, it hangs in my home.

I normally put up small pink trees in the girls rooms, but this year they decided they wanted the playroom tree in their room.  The humored me and allowed me to put ribbon and do the top, but they wanted to do the rest.  I didn't move a single ornament.  I'm proud of my self. 

This tree started in Anna Claire's playroom when she was probably 2 or 3.  It has always been pink, purple, silver, and white.  This year they wanted to add their Beanie Boos to complete the tree and I think it turned out super, super cute!

Anna Claire asked me to add the owl to the top and he looks right at home. 

This tree is full of pink, purple, & silver ornaments.  It also has ornaments that we buy each year that reminds us of them at the particular age or something special they have done for the year.  We have quite a few dance ornaments.

I spy a ballerina AND a picture of Anna Claire's first Christmas.  When Ava was a baby I bought 4 of these ornaments (3 pink rocking horses and 1 blue rocking horse).  I have those 3 pink covered, but have held onto the blue one for many years.  I think it's probably time to give it away.  ;-)

That completes the tour! It's not straight off of Pinterest, but we love it!  And most importantly, we're going to enjoy it this year!  I hope you take the time to take in all the lights, the love, and true meaning of Christmas as well.

And this post wouldn't be complete without a little Christmas card from my family to yours!  You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout Alli will tell you why after Christmas!  :)
 Hope you have the BEST day!!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. WOW your house and decorations are amazing - those trees are outstanding! I'm SO jealous and wish I were that talented - HA! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Jackie, your house looks beautiful!! I love how sentimental everything is:) That makes Christmas for me! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Sentimental makes Christmas for me as well! Thank you and Merry Christmas, Cassidy!


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