Friday Favorites-Slowin' in down

Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Friday!  What an incredible week!  I'm loving being in the December groove....all decorated for Christmas, scrambling to do some Christmas shopping, baking, parties, movie nights, snuggles, all of it.  I absolutely love it.  

This week was lightening fast, but I still feel like I was able to slow it down and soak it all in.  I know there are far too many days where I feel like I can't soak anything in...heck, sometimes I can't breathe we're moving so fast.  So I love when we are able to slow it down and soak it all in.


Alli girl had her FIRST ever Christmas program on Monday.  On most days special needs parenting is in survival mode.  Christmas programs have never been on my radar so you can imagine how floored I was when the Developmental Connections office and her music therapist told me they were hosting a Christmas program.  And each child would have their own solo.

Double floored.  

Highlight of my week.  Definitely a favorite.  

So, so proud!

Ava has been wanting to bake a blueberry pie and luckily for her we had several pounds of blueberries I froze from back in the summer when we went blueberry pickin'.  On Wednesday we made it happen!  She actually did most of the work by herself.  I love that she loves to bake. 

Sister needed NO help on the pie crust.  #trainupachild

Ummm, so now I know I need to clean my oven.  eeek!  At one point in time this a) would not have happened, and b) I would have never shown the evidence if it did happen.  But times they are a changing.  And that's one cute kid so there's that.  #transparency
The proud  baker!

It has been unseasonably warm here this week and much welcomed.  We had so much rain there for a week or so I felt like we lived in Seattle.  Wednesday it was simply too  gorgeous of a day so I checked the girls out early and we went to the park.  One of my favorite things all week!

Sister mastered the monkey bars this year!

The love!

My heart.  Such a needed day!

Yesterday mid-morning the nurse called from the girls school.  Anna Claire had a head and stomach ache and had been in the nurses office several times that morning.  Totally not like her, I knew she wasn't feeling well.  I went to check her out and we spent the rest of the day snuggled on the couch watching ABC Family. 

Ok she's 9.  How many more times will this happen?!  Soaked in every second.  #favorite

Alli's little baby toes poking through (she likes to hide under the couch pillows). #favorite

Making our gingerbread house is always a favorite time each year.  Our elves always bring us ours sometime during December and they dropped it off this morning.  :) Every year I say it's the best they have ever done, but I mean it this year.  

So serious.

Good work, girls!

Saturday will be busy running to dance rehearsals and a birthday party.  Sunday we'll church it up!  We also have our kids Christmas party at church Sunday afternoon (and ugly sweater competition).  Stay tuned.  The family who ugly Christmas sweaters together stays together!  So fun!  

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  1. Look at that sweet girl up on stage! Love it!! Also really love the photo of your three girls with sun shinning to the left. Such a lovely photo!

    1. Thank you, Erin! I love those walking away sun drenched photos. When my kids look at pictures when they are grown, there will probably be 1,000 that look just like that through the years. :)


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