Christmas Shenanigans Part 2

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Eve day was spent cooking and baking (again...we like to eat) while the kiddos played!  Since we would leave Christmas Day to head back to Branson for Christmas with John's side of the family, we always have a BIG Christmas Eve dinner.  
This picture makes me laugh because it sums up failed intentions.  And how I have learned to let some things go in my old age.  Each year I do a North Pole Breakfast on Christmas Eve morning.  This is as good as it got this year.  No cute pancakes, not table cloths,  no nothing.  Just a powdered doughnut and some candy canes thrown on the table.  In this case #mamadidnteventry.  ;-)

Our elves, Buddy and Jovie, did at least leave Santa's Magic Key.
While everyone else was sleeping, Ava was up with me making the pies.

We like to refer to this as Sweet Potato Crack.  Recipe coming soon.  Have you had Ruth's Chris sweet potatoes?  It's better. 

Making preparations for the Cranberry salad.

We like the pie.
Ty helping Ava make Santa's cookies.

Christmas Eve dinner table.  We did turkey, dressing, cranberry salad, sweet potato crack, potato casserole, and much more.  I'm hungry again, but tired thinking about cooking it all again. ;-)

Dinner was served after the Lord's prayer.  I love sitting around the table with these people.

The Hensley cousins!

Mi familia!

My brother, Jason, Ty, & Morgan

The Grands

Birthday cupcakes for Jesus

She's not a fan of sugar or anything.

Traditional Christmas Eve gift (Christmas jammies)

Writing her letter to Santa

And her letter to Santa!

Cookies, grapes, cherry tomatoes, and coke.  Because Anna Claire says, "everyone always leaves him just cookies and milk."

Leaving Santa's key on the front door.

9:00 a.m. y'all!  So thankful these kids don't get up before Jesus. 

"Who is this Santa guy and why do I have to get up and open presents from him?"  #blessit

Patiently waiting on the grown ups coffee so they can come down!

Those sweet faces!
Opening the door and what do I see??!

It just can't be matched, y'all.  #preciousness

Alli was still stunned she was awake.  ;-)

Santa always leaves his bag in the formal living room so after we're done there, we move to the den.  The girls had already worked an agreement to open each others gifts first.

Dork Diaries books and Shopkins!

Ava was a happy camper!

This little nugget soaked each gift up.  She carefully opened each package, went crazy regardless of what it was, and then ran to the giver and gave them the sweetest hug.  She has such an incredible sweetness.  And is so, so genuine.

Because we needed that #5,524 Beanie Boo??!


Both the big girls received a pearl bracelet with gold starfish to symbolize our summer trips to Florida together. 

Facetiming with Ty and Morgan who had to leave Christmas Eve to be with their Mom. 

Helping little sis!

Anna Claire and Papaw proudly showing off their new notebooks!
All good things must come to an end tho.  We had breakfast, packed it up, and it was time to head back to Branson.  Christmas #2 was waiting!  Christmas in Arkansas was a good one!

When we got back to Branson we headed straight to John's parent's.  Both his sisters and their families had spent Christmas Eve there and were still there.  His brother and girls were just an hour behind us coming from Little Rock.  We opened presents, ate dinner, and of course the games and smack talking were in full force.  :) 

We take Monopoly very serious.
All the Belin cousins...first official picture with all 8!  We've either missed each other or have forgotten to take a picture.  So glad to have this one.  Love these faces.

Christmas 2015 is officially in the books.  What a week celebrating the birth of Christ and loving on family!  Could not imagine a better time.  Looking ahead to tomorrow for my 2015 in Review.  Happy Wednesday!



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