Christmas Shenanigans Part 1

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The girls had a crazy school schedule this year and weren't scheduled to get out of school until the Tuesday before Christmas.  I just couldn't handle that, so on Monday we checked the girls out early and we were Arkansas bound! Education is so overrated.  At least at Christmas.  ;-)

Hip hip hooray it's Christmas vacation!

We arrived at my parent's just in time for dinner.  After dinner, we started a Christmas movie and called it a night.  Tuesday morning, we hung out with Gigi before heading to Memphis to "steal" my niece and nephew away for a few days.  Gigi and Papaw had given some early Christmas presents and the girls were enjoying them!  Ava works the beanie.  #truth

My bookworm!

I have slid down these stairs a 1,000 times.



Merry Cousin Christmas!

We had dinner at Lost Pizza with my brother (you should totally try the has a Garlic alfredo base, grilled chicken breast, fresh baby spinach, onions, & their house cheese pizza).  So good, y'all.  We hung out there and headed back to Pocahontas.  

My dear sweet husband hates pictures as much as I love them.  He was getting slightly annoyed at our re-do's and we exchanged words.  ;-) All friendly fire of course.

Christmas Eve Eve I got up early and went grocery shopping.  My Mama is suffering from debilitating back pain from Spinal Stenosis.  Just this morning she was seen again at the Spine Center at UAMS and I made an appointment for her at the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion.  Will you pray with us  for pain control and wisdom for us and the doctors??!  We've got to get her fixed, sooner rather than later.  It's certainly not in her DNA to sit and let someone else do the work so this Christmas was kind of hard on her (not being able to be up and around cooking and playing with the kiddos).  

I came home to the kiddos, John, and Gigi playing BINGO.  We spent much of the day in jammies playing games, watching movies, and cooking/baking.   

Making their Christmas plates for Gigi and Papaw!

More gaming!
Ava LOVED being able to read/sing the Twelve Days of Christmas!

Probably my favorite Christmas memory....when we picked up the kids and had dinner with Jason in Memphis Tuesday night he said he wouldn't be able to get to our parent's house until Christmas Eve night.  Christmas Eve Eve he surprised us all! These kids weren't excited at all.

Oh, how I love!

Getting ready to Candy Cane bomb the neighbors.  Two years running makes this a family tradition, I think!  :)

Each kiddo grabs a ton of candy canes.  We run through the neighborhood at night placing them on cars, front porches, For Sale signs, basketball goals, whatever we can find.  Anna Claire says it's, "Crazy fun!"  It is such a good time!

Tomorrow, I'm sharing the rest of our Christmas shenanigans!  Happy Tuesday!  



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