Alli's FIRST ever Christmas Program

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Monday night was Alli's FIRST ever Christmas program.  I'm not real sure what I was expecting, but the night simply floored me.  I dare say never because I don't want to speak things into her life, but Christmas programs have not even been on my radar.  So you can imagine my excitement when I was told several months back that the Developmental Office and Alli's music therapist were hosting a Christmas program. 

Around 10 families, extended family, and maybe a few friends gathered together in a small church down by the river (I feel like I need to write a song).  Alli did such a great job and I'm certain loved the spot light!  She was second up to perform, walked right up to the "stage,"  took her position behind the tone chimes, and grabbed the mallet out of her therapist's hand.  She didn't miss a beat and afterwards, when the clapping and cheering erupted, her jaw dropped and she grabbed the mallet back for an encore.  It's in the blood obviously.

As I watched each child come up or be wheeled up I got lost in the sincerity of the night (all children had varying disabilities).  As my daddy-in-love stated, "In all the world and all the Christmas programs, this was by far the best one."  Here were all these kids, all these families, relishing in their child being in the spotlight for once.  As it stood that night, these kids won't be the star in the school play or probably even have a part, but on this particular night they were the star.  There was no competition.  No condemnation.  Nothing but joy.  And pride for these kids.  Everyone was clapping loud and cheering hard.  Heck, the lady on the back row cheered when Alli was finished like she was one of her own (and I have no idea who she was).  And there were more.  Heck, I was cheering for kids I didn't even know.  

Because I know.  

This special needs journey continues to teach me so, so much.  

Best and most supportive sisters on.the.planet.  They certainly have been annoyed that their baby sister has required so much of my time and energy through the years, but here they are on the front row ready to cheer her own.  #siblinglove

Her first performance!

After, we grabbed a few quick pictures before heading home for the night!  So thankful to have part of the family here to celebrate with us.

John's sister and his parents with the girls!  #mamatried

This sums it all up.  #mypeople

Happiest heart!  

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