2015 in Review

Thursday, December 31, 2015

We started and are ending 2015 on a sick note....seems to be my exact words (change the date) from the last few years.  But thankfully and knock on wood, it's just one kid (and my healthiest one at that....Ava Lizzie) and we're not dealing with anything like we have the last two years.  All in all, 2015 was a much healthier year.  

There were no hospitalizations for sickness.  


Alli went her first year without an antibiotic and has officially gone one full year without needing oxygen when sick.  Her breathing treatments are next to nothing and I've taken her off Singulair.  Those lungs and immune system are healing!


Anna Claire and Ava have remained relatively healthy, dodging a few rounds of the stomach bug and strep that were circulating through school and the dance studio.


2015 happened in a blink of an eye.  I'm not sure I have ever had a year go by so fast. 

And it was good.  Real, real good.  I would never claim perfect....As in everyone's life there are hiccups and death and sadness and people or situations that let you down, but all in all it was an incredible year.  Just keepin' it real. ;-)   

I took one of those silly Facebook quizzes and 2016 is suppose to be the year of my future.  I'll take it.  2015 was the year of restoration for my family.  A year where God redeemed everything in our marriage (if you haven't seen the statistics for failed marriages from traumatic events and raising a chronically ill and/or special needs child....well, I'll just tell you.  I believe the urban legend is like 85-90%.  I don't know exactly, but they aren't pretty).  And by only God's grace we weren't part of that statistic.  I'm so thankful for his healing, grace, forgiveness, and love.  He loves our marriage even more than we do.  God has been and is so faithful.   Maybe one day I'll write about it all.  

But back to the future thing.  

2016, I'm coming after year.  His promises are waiting. 

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As far as my favorite moments, it's hard impossible to narrow down my favorites from 2015 so I like to separate by month and simply highlight our days.  Here is our 2015 in review.  


In January we were in Houston for Alli's stem cell followup.  We also celebrated her 4th Birthday!  


Alli's Build a Bear choice was Olaf, obviously.  #olafsbiggestfan

Sweet Houston cousins.

Celebrating Paiton's 21st Birthday in Houston!
This was the morning we left Houston and would also be the last time we saw Aunt Jo.  She passed away on April 24 and her absence has left such a huge hole.  She was an exceptional person and loved so well.


February brought snow and the Father Daughter Valentine's Dance. 
These two had the best time.  Ava gets to go in 2016!


My sweet, sweet snow bunnies. 


In March Anna Claire and Ava had their very first dance convention and competition.

Anna Claire made it to the 2nd grade Spelling Bee.

And we spent one Sunday afternoon fishing.

Anna Claire was an ol' pro, but this was Ava's first catch!

I also got to spend the day on AC's 2nd grade field trip!


April we celebrated Easter and Ava's first time playing soccer.  John auditioned for Shark Tank and we headed back to Houston when Aunt Jo passed away.

That is one open mouth, but that is also one.big.fat.miracle!  End of March into April this girl started eating by mouth!  She has been 100% g-tube her entire life. 

These nuggets can make you laugh even on the hardest days.


May meant we were finally allowed to plant our garden

And had lots of time for swinging.

The middle of May we celebrated our preschool graduate!  Y'all have NO idea how fast these years have gone by. And it's even harder to believe this was 7 months ago.  Again, #slowthistraindown.  For real this time.



Anna Claire wrapped up 2nd grade with a bang!

And we rescued this sweet boy, Henry!


June was probably the craziest month of the year.  We had dance recitals (3), Papaw and Gigi came to visit, dance intensive, a trip to St. Louis for a neurologist appointment, Nationals, celebrated John's birthday, and then packed it up to head to Tennessee for a week (just us girls).

Papaw and Gigi with the girls!

Papa and Nini with the girls!

June added an Autism diagnosis to her cerebral palsy and 20 other diagnoses.  I still haven't had time to process the diagnosis.  Or even write about it.

Ava ditched those training wheels!
We loved, loved, loved picking berries

Celebrating baby Daddy's birthday at our favorite little Mexican restaurant before heading out on our girls trip! 
We stopped off in Memphis for the night to hang with the cousins before the trip to East Tennessee.

Went back to visit old friends/family in the NICU.

I marked off one of my biggest goals in life....for Alli to physically walk into the NICU.  When no one thought she would.

We played tourist in a place we called home for 10 years.

And visited with dear, dear friends.

And the best of friends.

We rolled back in on two wheels for the girls to attend Kanakuk Kampout.

And I think I went home and took a nap.  June was a crazy fun mess!
Oh, and I turned another year older.


July was thankfully a little slower and were finally able to enjoy summer.  We started it off with celebrating the 4th at home with fireworks in our cul-de-sac, Ava Lizzie turned 6 YEARS OLD, and ended it with out annual cousins trip to Rosemary Beach.  
Ava and Claire's 6th Birthday Party!  


We woke up August 1st in Florida and headed to Houston, TX for Alli's stem cells.  August also brought the girls of fall.

We sent our oldest to third grade...

Our middle started kindergarten...

And the baby started SPED preschool.


We spent September getting in school and dance routine and Ava started soccer back up.  Have a ever mentioned I love September?! 


October means we celebrate this girl!  9.years.old.

We made multiple trips to the pumpkin patch and I enjoyed a field trip day with Ava to the farm

This girl lost her first tooth!

And of course there was trick-or-treating!


November means celebrating Thanksgiving...

And the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year!


We tried to soak up every little bit of Christmas we could!  December was full of parties, Christmas parades, and family tradition.  Next to summer, it's my favorite.

Alli had her first ever music program.

 I'm so thankful for these 4 and the rest of the people who make us all family.  Life is absolutely too short.  I'm humbled and so thankful for another year, missing the ones gone, and pressing in on 2016 like there is no tomorrow.  

I pray 2016 brings you the hope, joy, and peace that only comes from the Lord.  May we all love and live more freely and pray more boldly.  #future #freedom #boldness #promises are my words for 2016!

See you next year!

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  1. What a fun year!! And yay for no serious illnesses!!! All the best for 2016!

    1. Thank you so much! All the same to you!

  2. Bummer about starting and ending the year sick! It looks like you had a lot of fun in 2015 though. Hope 2016 holds a lot of happiness for your family!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Laura! Blessings for your 2016!

  3. So thankful for your year of restoration - and thank you for sharing that piece! We're still getting there in our own marital redemption but 2015 brought a lot of healing & we're getting there! Excited for your new year! Last year my phrase was "do what scares you" & it was a great year of facing fears (Addie going to school, traveling more with her, etc). This year I'm going for "be present!" I.e. Get off Facebook, put the phone down, play with my sweet miracle & clean the house! :) Happy new year!!

    1. I always have the feeling we should talk more! ;-) Prayers for healing continued and full redemption for you guys. Mean it. So few get it and I'm so thankful to have you who do. Loved your phrase for 2015 AND 2016! Amen to getting off FB and being present...I've been doing the same!


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