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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Wednesday!  AKA Thanksgiving Eve.  AKA What's Up Wednesday.

 I haven't linked up for WUW since the summer so I thought today would be the day!


What we're eating this week...
This will probably come as a shock, but turkey!  ;-) I am SO excited to get this party started.  We go to John's parents (on the other side of town) to celebrate Thanksgiving.  The menu is on point, as always.  My little family is responsible for the turkey.  And the pies.  Two.most.important aspects of Turkey Day, am I right?! 
I hate to brag, but my turkey is better than yours.  ;-)
We smoke our turkey (and we would smoke the pies if he would let me).  It is the most unbelievable flavor.

What I'm Reminiscing About...
Thanksgivings of old.  I love being with family, but I miss our Thanksgivings in Tennessee, when it was just us.  Those are some precious memories, y'all.  Our first year married, we had moved 13 hours away from our family, opened this business, and were working 20 hour days, 7 days a week.  Thanksgiving was our first day off.  We cooked in pj's all day and had a pie baking contest, just the two of us.  We ate and then collapsed and watched football the rest of the day.  As the years went on, it was always one of my favorite days with John and the girls.  No agenda, nowhere to be.  Just my family.  And we STILL to this day have that pie baking contest.  I win EVERY TIME!  Chocolate for the win, y'all!

What I'm Loving...
I am loving that I have the next 5 days off with my girls.  John has to work, which stinks, but the girls are OFF!  No school, no dance, no agenda, no place to be.  I'm sure I'll need to figure an activity out for this weekend, but for now I am so excited just to be with them.  And to finish my tree.  Those people who can decorate their tree in an hour, or an afternoon, or a week for that matter.  Boo hiss.  

What we've been up to...
Doing life.  The holidays always make a hectic schedule even more hectic.  I'm excited to slow it down these few days and plan out the rest of our Christmas to-do list!

What I'm dreading... Right now, at this very moment.....finishing decorating.  I already feel like I've been slapped by a Christmas tree.  HA!  None of the lights worked, missing ribbon, couldn't find this or that. 

What I'm working on...
I think the what I'm dreading answered that.  Ha!  I will conquer and finish today.  Lord willing.  Those pies tho?!

What I'm excited about...
I'm pretty flippin' excited about the fact that tomorrow my littlest A will be physically eating Thanksgiving dinner with us FOR THE FIRST TIME.  I feel like I keep repeating that.  But for real.  Pinch me.  It has been such a journey to get her to where she would even take purees by mouth.  I keep wondering what her favorites will be.  I'm guessing the crack (AKA sweet potatoe casserole...think Ruth's Chris) AND the pie.  She HAS to love the pie. 

I am also SO excited about all things Christmas!  I'm finishing up preparing for our Advent/Jesse Tree and this week the girls and I will do our Christmas do-to list.  I'm excited to curl up on the couch and watch some of our favorite Christmas movies...if you missed Mondays post, the girls and I shared our favorite Christmas movies.  Family movie nights are one of my favorite nights and during Christmas they are that much more special.

What I'm watching/reading...
You mean besides Christmas movies??!  I've been watching Parenthood off and on over the last few weeks, but nothing consistent due to time and the fact that I crash in the bed when it's time.  

Reading.....I am diving in to this one! #thecomeback

What I'm listening to...
Ummmm. Christmas!  Currently my favorite is Kim Walker Smith's Christmas album from last year.  I swore I could never listen to her sing Christmas carols, but that was before she flat killed it singing my all.time.favorite O come, O come, Emmanuel.  She can now sing Christmas songs any time she wants.

What I'm doing this weekend...

This weekend is still up in the air!  Today I am excited to not have plans, but I know I need to get to making them before this weekend.  Christmas lights maybe??!  

What I'm looking forward to Next Month...

All things Christmas!  I'm pretty nuts about traditions, but I pray my children grow up remembering them and passing them down to their children.  One of my favorites will always be riding The Polar Express.  

This will always be one of my favorite pictures of Ava!  This just sums her up. #joyful

And Anna Claire bossing the hobo.  #priceless

That is what's up with the A Team.  Happy Wednesday and I pray you all have an incredible Thanksgiving with friends and family.  

Much love,


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