Weekend Wrap-Up

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Friday nights we like to lay low.  The girls have dance until 6:30, we grab pizza on the way home, and then we usually snuggle up for the night.  While cleaning up after dinner, I found these three.  

Playing together.

Ok, actually Anna Claire and Alli were playing together and Ava had found her iPad fully charged.  She was in heaven.  

Saturday morning I woke super early.  I just couldn't go back to sleep and while it felt just so good in the bed, I couldn't see staying there any longer.  I had to get up and do something.  I worked on a few things and then noticed it was snowing.  Perfection.  Ava woke up a little after 7 (early morning for us all) and couldn't believe her eyes.

She had to run and wake up sissy!  Love Anna Claire's morning stretch and the look in her eyes.  Love.

I cooked breakfast, we watched Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and Ava decorated her Barbie house for Christmas.  ;-)  This was our first weekend off in forever.  No soccer games and no dance rehearsals.  Hallelujah!   

Saturday afternoon we had family pictures.  Or rather, girl pictures.  It.was.sheer.torture.  Anna Claire and Ava did wonderful.  Alli cried from start to finish.  And that's not being dramatic. :-(  In her defense it was 35 degrees with 65 mile an hour wind gusts.  I would have cried too if someone would have been there to hold me.  

Sunday morning was church, then lunch, then home to prepare for a movie shooting.  Our girls were deer in The Christmas Story filmed for our church.  We can't wait to see their debut on the big screen.  

Call time!
Dance party for baby Jesus!

Alli decided not to participate, but she did look cute as a little lamb.

Still dancing!  It's Jesus' Birthday, y'all!  Seriously can't wait to see this!

Sunday night was spent at home watching Christmas movies AND getting our Dept. 56 North Pole Village out and on the mantle and piano.  It's always, always a favorite with the girls.  A little collection I started before they were even born in anticipation for times like this.  Makes my Mama heart so happy they love it like I hoped they would all those years ago.

Ava enjoyed Daddy brushing her hair during the movie. Bless it.

It's Thanksgiving week!!!  Today is the last day of school and then we are officially on Turkey vacay!  I could not be more excited this week is finally here.  Here's to hoping you are enjoying this week with Thanksgiving.



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