Weekend Wrap-Up: Thanksgiving Style

Monday, November 30, 2015

John brought the big tree in on Monday night.  My hope was to have the lights, ribbons, top, etc all done by Tuesday night for our decorating party.  But.  


10 strands of lights later (that were all dead), missing ribbon, ornaments, and more and we finally started on Wednesday morning.  My girls were ever so patient with my ribbon affliction and waited patiently until it was time to place the first ornaments.   

Ava helping unwrap the tree.  Yes, I skrinkwrap my trees.

Monday night.

Tuesday night we had lights and ribbon, but I don't get acquainted with that because it was all changed by Wednesday morning. 

Hip, hip hooray for Thanksgiving Vacation!

It was a Wii and messy playroom kind of day.


It's officially time to decorate.  I only moved a few ornaments this time.  In my defense they were breakable ones located on the bottom.  I saw nothing by bad things coming out of that.

She's sentimental like me.

Lunch and rest.

And a little baking!

We like the pie. ;-)

Injection concoction.

My turkey was better than yours.  :)

Thanksgiving morning Buddy, Jovie, and their reindeer returned!

Writing what we're thankful for on our pumpkin. #thanksgiving

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade time!!!

Such the baker!

She is studying those Rockettes! 

Dance Party!

Alli's FIRST fire!!!  Yay for healthier lungs!!!

Papa and 3 of his "greels!" 

Her first taste of chocolate pie!

Marshmallows on the fire!

Ava has decided she wants to take piano.  We may have a natural on our hands.  Funny how she never plays the one at home tho.  So there's that.

Black Friday morning I found the Big and Middle in Alli's crib!

It has rained for days and and days so Saturday and Sunday were spent inside snuggling, playing games, watching Christmas movies, and cooking some yummy treats.  I have decided that it doesn't matter if my family is playing monopoly, bingo, or a mad game of Hungry Hippo, blood will be shed.  Don't ask me what happens to Bingo cards when the same person and the same card win 5 games in a row.  

What are the odds??!

I was able to clean a few closets out which was exciting and found a massive amount of Christmas gloves, hats, glasses, and photo booth items.  The girls so enjoyed those!

And then this lady came to town.  There are not too many people who can convince me to drag three kids out on a Saturday.  After Thanksgiving.  In 35 degree pouring rain.  This gem can!  Loved our time together! 

Back to the grind today with my Bible study, Alli's therapies, and running around to get things ready for our Advent calendar, which begins tomorrow.  November managed to spiral out of control and get away from me.  I was going to have SO much done by now.

Here's to an incredible Christmas season with tons of opportunities to love on people. And of course my hubby and baby girls.  Our prayer this Christmas is to intentionally share Jesus so much more.



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