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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ugh.  We can't kick this sickness train.  We'll have a day or two and then another A is down and out.   In between all that time the weekend passed me by.  

Ava had her last soccer games of the season, a double header and they ruled the field once again.  Actually, the first game they ruled the field.  They were worn out by the second one.  AND I feel confident I needed to see some birth certificates.  The other team was NOT "six and under."  It's all fun and games.  I'm so proud of these girls!  They have incredible sportsmanship and are each others biggest cheerleaders.  Win or lose. 

I hate this was so blurry!  Girl can kick!

Ava always runs to Coach Rod and high-fives him after a good play or goal! 

Adore these girlies and their Mama's. 

Celebrating at Freddie's!

Saturday night and Sunday after church we started finishing what we started.  I have yet to put up the big tree, but I'm fairly certain I can get it done this weekend.  One of the reasons I start Christmas decorating so early is because it takes me literally weeks to get it all done.  If I were left to start the day after Thanksgiving, I wouldn't be finished until December 22.  And that's not nearly enough time to enjoy it all.  Another reason is when we lived in Tennessee, we would always come back to Arkansas mid-December for Christmas and then spend the entire month of January with friends and family in Arkansas AND at the beach.  We would never have been able to enjoy our home and decorations if I waited.  I've just carried the early decorating on since we moved and I think we'll be just fine that way.  ;-)

A little something something I'm making for our Jesse Tree

The girls wanted a larger tree in their room this year so I took the tree I would have normally put in the playroom and put it up in their room.  I did the topper and the ribbon, but they did all the rest.  I have to pat myself on the back because I did.not move a SINGLE ornament.  Not a one.  

Little Miss Studious! 

And her sidekick.

The wind has been nuts lately.  Ava and I enjoyed a windy bikeride through the neighborhood while big sis was at dance.

Double rainbow!

It's Turkey Day season!
That's my weekend-wrap up on Wednesday.  ;-) This weekend we have off....translate NO soccer games and NO dance rehearsals.  I'm going to drag out our Dept. 56 North Pole Village and hopefully get that tree out and up!  Buddy the Elf comes Thanksgiving Day and he will need a tree to sit on.  We're also having family pictures done, finally!  Actually I think it's just going to be the girls, but whatever.  We'll see what happens.  We use to have fall pictures done every.single.fall.  But...well.  Life happens and it's been a year or two or three.

In honor of picture day, here was their last fall pictures.  Oh, those sweeeeet nuggets of mine.

I need to get to crackin' on their clothes for this year!  Eeeek! 

Make sure to hop over to the above Thanksgiving Holiday Hop!  You will find TONS of Turkey Day inspirations and ideas, I can assure you!  :)

Happy Wednesday!

Oh and last night, The Mighty, featured my post on World Prematurity Day.  If you are not familiar, they are a pretty renowned website that features and highlights strength, joy and beauty in disability and disease. Click here for my original post since they edited out some things.  I'm frustrated they left my faith out of it, but they did link it back to me.  God will always get the glory, y'all.  Always.

I had to take a screenshot and save it for Alli!
I had to take a screenshot to save it for Alli! 

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