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Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Friday!!!  If you are reading this, I pray you have had an incredible week!  I am linking up again for some Friday Favorites fun with....

Do yourselves the biggest favor and go check some of these blogs out., y'all.  Some sweet spirits AND some incredible inspiration and ideas.

Yesterday I shared Christmas Toy and Gift Ideas for Kids with Special Needs.  Gift giving a kiddo with special needs can be a challenge.  I finally succumb to the fact that the best toys for my girl were ones that had a little more built in therapy (as my friend Raigan said).  Here's the list I created just in time for Black Friday next week!

This girl received her new competitive dance team gear this week and she was in love! I love watching her enjoy something she loves so much! 

Dancers know how to pose. ;-)

And this little nugget.  I just can't get over those bottom two missing teeth. Definitely a favorite. It has aged her, but kept her little at the same time.  If that even makes any sense. 

Can y'all get over the fact that this is the weekend before Thanksgiving??!  I mean.  Whirlwind, crazy train of a year.  I can't have my weekly favorites without recognizing my biggest thanks this year.  Probably my biggest favorite of the year.  It's something we have prayed and longed for for so long.  So, so long.  It's far from completed and we still have some huge, huge hurdles to jump, but this kid is eating by mouth.

Please excuse the sweet potatoes all over the face and shirt look we were going for.  ;-)  If you are new here, this is our youngest daughter, Alli Grace.  She will be 5 in January and has been 100% g-tube (feeding tube in her belly) dependent her entire life.  Until March of this year.  If you are feeling frisky and want to read about why she has been feeding tube dependent her entire life, you can click here to read more.  

Bottom line.  I am so thankful.  This kid is still g-tube dependent.  She doesn't consume enough by mouth nor does she take any fluids by mouth.  Yet.  But in March of this year, something just clicked.  And we have been painfully and joyfully inching our way closer to a life without the tube.  THIS will be Alli's FIRST Thanksgiving to EAT by mouth.  Her FIRST.  The magnitude of what all the symbolizes just floors me.  With thanksgiving.  Here's to more sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and maybe a little dressing.  We'll have to save the turkey leg for next year since she's just working on purees!  ;-) So, so thankful!

My favorite day of the school week is probably Thursday because these two are home.  Every other afternoon is spent at dance, soccer, or various other commitments.  But Thursday sings Hallelujah!  It was such a gorgeous day and I would usually make everyone go out and play, but we've all been sick off and on.  I wasn't opposed to snuggling on the couch with popcorn, obviously. 


So this happened this week.  A little over 6 inches cut off of Alli's hair.  She still has the longest hair in the house.  Picture coming soon.

And my last favorite is this mess.  Oh it's bigger, but this is all the camera caught.  My favorite time of year is happening!!  

Our Jesse Tree is up.  Still adding ribbon and will add ornaments every day during December, but tree #1 is UP!  And a little top heavy, I might add.  ;-)  

I hope your weekend is incredible!  Thanks for stopping by! 




  1. Hooray snuggles & popcorn! Hope you're all feeling better soon. Enjoy all the festive goodness of your beautiful Christmas decor! :)
    xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  2. Happy Happy Thanksgiving! Rejoicing with you about Alli and hoping she loves all that great Thanksgiving food!

  3. The teeth thing makes SO MUCH SENSE. My daughter lost her front teeth so young (3 and a half!) It was like all the sudden she looked like a first grader. It took a long time for the adult teeth to come in, so those missing teeth kept her young ;-)
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  4. Snuggels and Christmas decorations!!! Yay!!!! Mine lost her teeth young too!


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