Tooth Fairy's Debut

Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm sure the neighbors heard this whole ordeal.  Ava, our ever dramatic one, wasn't going down without a fight.  There were screams, giggles, more screaming, and more squeals and giggles.  

During dinner, she realized "my tooth is coming out TONIGHT!!" 

I had to snag one.last. picture of her precious baby teeth all intact.  Oh, sister.  If you only knew the nights I have been up with you for those puppies to come in and now you are so excited for them to come out!??  

There are those tears!  All the excitement turned to serious conversations about leaving the tooth in there FOREVER!
 I LOVE Anna Claire's heart.  Coaching and cheering her on!

We're still here.  Working on that tooth.   

 She decided she wanted to work on if for a bit.
SO close!!

Nope. Nevermind.  Mommy is going to work on it now.  Daddy was too rough.  ;-) 
Still hanging on!

Alright stop.  Selfie time.

And it's gone!!!  We ALL cried on this one.  Partly because it symbolized she's growing up and partly because it was seriously like an hour ordeal.  Tears of thanksgiving that is was over.  lol!

First official picture sans tooth!  She suddenly aged 5 years.  #slowthistraindown
 Once we dried our tears and made it through the excitement, it was tooth fairy time!  Ava constructed her very own letter to Megan, her tooth fairy.  

We placed her tooth in its bag and then placed the letter and bag under her pillow.   Naturally, her tooth fairy pillow wasn't here yet, but we'll hopefully have it by the next tooth! 

Good night!

And good morning!!  A letter, fairy dust, and a prize from her tooth fairy!

#inflation y'all

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