Fall Days Volume #1

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's fall, y'all!

I know.  It has been fall, but these days have been flying by.  Every chance I get I am trying to slow that train down.  It seriously feels like summer shouldn't be over and now it's almost time to decorate for Christmas!


We made it to the McKenna Family Farm Pumpkin patch with our church a few Saturdays ago.  I'm ashamed to say these are the only pictures I made.  I guess we were having too much fun.  

And chasing 3 kids in 3 different directions around a pumpkin patch is soooooo much fun.  ;-)

Alli was a HUGE fan of the corn.  As always.

Ava has been playing fall soccer and LOVING every second!  I always thought AC would be my soccer player, but I think Ava might just be instead.  Anna Claire did decide she wants to try spring soccer so we will see how that works with dance schedule and competitions.    

Such a sweet crew!  And fierce.  These girls can play some soccer!

You've all probably watched the challenge videos on YouTube.  I mean.  My kids won't stop and wanted to create their own.  So, on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon we did our very own Cotton Ball Challenge.  The loser, at least for our game, got a cupcake smashed in her face.  This was my sneaking way to get rid of those leftover birthday party cupcakes.  


I know.   

If you haven't watched a Cotton Ball Challenge view ours below.  They are really comical.  Especially when these two were involved.  For the challenge, one participant is blindfolded.  There is a bowl full of cotton balls, a big spoon, and an empty bowl.  The empty bowl is placed on your head and the blindfolded participant tries to pick up cotton balls with the spoon and put them in the empty bowl.  Super fun and hilarious.

Last week I joined Ava's class at Rutledge Wilson Farm.  Can I just stop for a second and say....

I want to live there.  

Or on any farm in general.

I really don't know why, but I always come away from these places wanting to live the farm life.  Hysterical I know, but for real.  I want to milk some cows, get some chicken eggs each morning, feed the pigs, walk through a field of sunflowers, homeschool my kids, and call it a day.

Anyway, that is certifiably all crazy talk.  Back to the farm.  My Ava could not contain her excitement that it was her FIRST field trip and I was going with her.  Bless her and her middle child syndrome.  

"These pigs smell awful, Mama."

Hayride time with Ava's class!

There are my sunflowers.

Ava meeting Dragonfly!

We LOVE this girl!  Kindergarten buddies, soccer stars, and dance besties!

Sweetest thing!

Mrs. H's trio!
SUCH a fun time with my favorite middle!  So thankful I got to spend the day with her!

After church on Sunday we headed to State Park Marina to help set-up and participate in the Third Annual Tablerock Zombie 5K benefiting St. Jude!   St. Jude is pretty close to our hearts.  We have our sweet friend, Audrey, from Tennessee who is a patient there.  You can read more of her story here.  Ava's friend, Brooklynn, has also been a patient there and the reason Dance Branson puts on the annual event.  It's an honor to help raise money for such an incredible place and celebrate these warriors. 

Brace yourselves, people.  It's about to get scary.  Thank you, Patience for this sweet pic and the others of my girlies.

Told ya!  I don't know what scares me the most.  How realistic Ava looked OR how realistic she acted.  She had the arms, the dragging of the leg, and the moaning down.  I should note.  We have NEVER, I mean NEVER ever watched a single episode of The Walking Dead.   

At least not that I know of.  

Anna Claire and AGB talking off in their first 5K!

I love these kids!

The reason behind the day!  Sweet Brooklynn! 

I take my job as chip clipper serious.  Dead serious.

I love this little Zombie!

After the fun we came home and carved pumpkins.  I almost can't take these faces seriously.  Pumpkin carving normally takes this crew hours.  I mean hours.  But, I guess the fun from the day and the Zombie makeup forced the girls to hurriedly create their pumpkins. 

Sweet little nuggets of time.  Thankful for these fall days, these precious people, and a few weeks of a little less crazy before it's time for the most wonderful time of the year.

58 days, y'all.  

58 days.


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