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Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Friday, y'all!  I'm linking up again with.....

It's short and sweet again.  After this week, I pray that life slows it down a bit.  There have been soooooo many things I want to say and share, but this has been craziness around here.

{loose teeth}

Ava Lizzie has her FIRST LOOSE TOOTH, y'all!  I can't tell you the sheer amount of tears, giggles, squeals, drama, and all out fall out on the floor in terror of the soon to come event.  She's SO excited and then the next breath she's all, "Mommy do I have to go to the ER??!"  She can't wait to lose that tooth, but she's scared to death at the same time.  It's hysterically precious.

Big Sis giving it a little wiggle.

In honor of that first wiggle, let's flashback to the picture of Ava right after Anna Claire lost her first tooth.  Complete and utter shock that she was missing a tooth. 

the tooth fairy's debut in our home
So, I have to get Tooth Fairy shopping and fast.  I thought she liked at least another year.  Etsy, don't fail me now!

{long live summer}

Does the ice cream truck man have another job?!  Because I'm trying to play fall over here and he keeps circling by bringing his 95 degree days and treats. 

 {we've got spirit}

This week is homecoming and spirit week!  I love, love, love spirit week!  Monday was inside out day, but I forgot to snag a pic. Tuesday was "Career Day."  Anna Claire went as a choreographer and Ava is a vet.  Wednesday was "Camo Day" which we missed.  Yesterday was favorite book character day.  Anna Claire was Aurora and Ava was Dorothy.  And today was Pirate spirit day!

Loud and proud!  Go Pirates!

I hope everyone has an incredible weekend!  XO

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  1. Hey there! I'm stopping by from the Five on Friday linky par-tay! Your blog is adorable! Your girls are, too! I just love their "spirit day" outfits! So cute! Oh and that "missing tooth" picture. Priceless. :)


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