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Friday, September 11, 2015

First off, may we never forget, but always remember this day.  And may we stay forever changed.

My Friday favs are short and sweet...It's been one of those weeks.

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{one-grandparents day}

Grandparents day is THIS Sunday, September 13.  And let me tell you, the A Team has the best of the best.  I just love, love, love this picture of both of our parents and our girls.  It's high time we get an updated one, but this will do.  

I was perusing pinterest the other day and "bam" there's my baby.  It was so funny to see and made my heart ache at the same time.  This was her Kindergarten year at King's Academy and was in celebration of Grandparent's Day.  It was back before chalkboards were cool, but I do have to give myself a pat on the back for being ahead of the times. 

But my chalkboard writing??!!  #blessit

{two-BIBLE study}

It's fall and you know what that means?!?  Crockpot season AND Bible study kickoff.  I can.not.wait to kick this seasons study off next week.  I'm itching to dive in and look forward to this study and some much needed time with some super sweet Mama's.  This Fall we're diving into Restless by Jennie Allen.  When this came across my Facebook I was so pulled to read more.  And then my friend Jamie mentioned this along with another study and I felt led to coerce our group to agree to this study.  ;-)  I'm thankful they didn't hesitate because I have a feeling this will be SO good for all of us.
{three-Fro Up Bowl}

You read that right!!  I mean it's so hysterically hysterical I haven't stopped laughing since the idea came up, but yet it's so useful at the same time.  We launched our Fro Up Bowl yesterday.

My Anna Claire catches the stomach bug from 5 miles away so we've had more than our fair share of late night puke sessions in my Williams-Sonoma red mixing bowl. In comes my Daddy-in-law and husband to bring to the market, the Fro Up Bowl ™. Because that's exactly what they do when they think of something.  I love an inventors mind.  And that's exactly what my kids call it, fro up. 

Please bear with us on the website, our pictures, and Facebook page. We just couldn't resist sharing since they arrived this week and most especially since the stomach bug is already making the rounds. 

If you would like your very own fro up bowl OR if you are a retailer and would like wholesale information, please message the page OR call 866-617-7621.  Be sure to like and share us on Facebook.  :)

This Mama approves this product, y'all!  For.real. 

Now that I have you laughing, have an incredible weekend!  


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  1. Can't wait to get together and start the Bible study!!


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