Weekend Wrap: On the Road Again!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Friday night was eat everything in the pantry and refrigerator night.  We spent the day out on Crab Island in Destin with cousin Mark who lives down there.  I think we initially thought we would be too tired to cook, but we decided to throw some burgers on the grill and pack the place up.  

I love hanging out with these guys!  Just wish my hubby could have been here and it would have been perfection.

Daddy, me, & my brother, Jason grilling like a villain.
Saturday morning we woke up early, in good shape, and decided we would regret it if we didn't get the kids down to the beach for pictures.  We missed the actual sunrise, but we still snagged some good ones.  Hopefully, my camera cooperated. 

Trigger Trail will never be the same.

We headed back to Trigger Trail to pack the cars up and head out.  Before leaving 30A, we stopped off in Seaside for Frost Bites and a little shopping, another tradition of ours.  

This kid is a snow cone junkie.

Traffic from 30A to Birmingham was horrific.  I'm not sure what the actual travel time was supposed to be, but I do know it took us 8.5 hours.  And I'm almost positive that's 3 hours too long.  Lots of road construction and wrecks along the way.  The girls do travel so well.  Lots of movies, music, and iPad time. 


I had to pull over consistently because Houdini kept getting out of her car seat.  She thought it was funny.
My Daddy drove on back to Arkansas so we said our goodbye's and made it to our hotel in Birmingham.  This crew crashed.  

Sunday morning was another early morning as we headed to Birmingham Southern College to watch Ty in the Southern Lacrosse Showcase.  Division 1 coaches were there from all over watching my incredible nephew and roughly 90 other kids play.  Such a neat experience and I am SO proud of the man he is becoming!  


Back in the car again by noon, we were then Houston bound!!!  If you are counting, we just spent 20 of the last 48 hours in a car.  With 5 and then 3 kids.  And I lived to make this post.

The drive from Birmingham to Houston was long, but great.  My girls were able to see many places along the way they had never seen....New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and everything else along I 10.  I think they were most amazed by all the oil refineries and bridges.  

We rolled into the Mike and Joann's lake house around 11 Sunday night and got to love on this guy.  John had flown in earlier that day to be with us for this coming weeks stem cell treatment.  I think it's safe to say he was greatly missed.  

All three girls loving on Daddy!  

And that was our weekend, on the road again!  This week, the big girls have Texas cousin time while we spend a few days with Alli in the hospital for her stem cell treatment.  I've waited all summer for these two weeks, beach trip and stem cells.  Can not believe it's here!  

I hope you have an amazing week!  



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